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Trust AllBrand Caravan Services for all your caravan fiberglass repairs. We provide the perfect solution to repair anything from a small scratch or damage to an entire wall.

Let’s face it, due to the size of most caravans and motorhomes, it is easy to back into something you can’t see. Tree branches, poles and even other trailers are the culprits of many of the damages we see.

We offer a one stop shop for your fiberglass needs. Repairs, modifications and painting all under the one roof. Our professional staff and equipment, ensure the perfect finish on all jobs. We have the facilities to ensure the exact colour match on all paint jobs.


The front and rear caravan panels are usually made from fiberglass. Although fiberglass is normally a strong material, it can also be damaged and worn over time. There are different types of fibreglass damage, and repairs are usually made for the following reasons:

  • Tear – Tear is the result when the tensile strength of the fibreglass has been exceeded. Failure of the fibreglass’s tensile strength can also cause the laminate to fail. Tears will usually progress into a fracture which will extend completely through deeper layers.
  • Scratches, Scrapes, and Stress Cracks – These are caused by wear and tear, weather damage, and damage caused by road incidents.
  • Hole or Puncture – A hole or puncture is a damage on the surfacing layers of the fiberglass that is normally caused by trauma, impact, or cutting.
  • Crushed Core – Crushed cores are commonly the result an impact that caused the composite layer of the laminate to deflect. The result of this impact is the collapse of the sandwich core material.
  • Delamination – Delamination is usually the result of impact or stress between layers of the fiberglass. This can cause the layers to separate from each other.

Fiberglass panel damage is typically repaired with the use of fibreglass matting and fibreglass resin. The damaged area is rebuilt, and filler is then added for a smooth finish.

Caravan Fiberglass Repairs - AllBrand Caravan Services


When repairing caravans and motorhomes it is important to fix the underlying structure. Not just put a bandaid fiberglass fix over the top of the crack. If not properly investigated in the beginning, cracks will start to appear over time. Things can turn pretty ugly under the paint. The structure of the van could flex and distort causing cracks and delamination. Delamination can cause water to fill in the wood structures. It can also saturate the cracked fiberglass, causing much more damage. Fiberglass does not mix well with water either. It is important that any damage is properly investigated and repaired in the first place.

AllBrand Caravan Services offers a professional service. To start we will do a thorough assessment of the damage. We will ensure your caravan or motorhome is repaired correctly. Preventing future problems and ensuring the longevity of your caravan or motorhome.


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