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There are a few good reasons to have a caravan outdoor kitchens. Firstly, it’s all about enjoying the great outdoors. You will have additional space, natural light, can be sociable with others outside and not have cooking outdoors inside the van.

Some great options include utilising the tunnel boot and having a slide out kitchen that includes a cooktop, sink and preparation area. This is basically a pull out bbq. Some options even have additional storage and a pull-out table. Almost like a commercial kitchen!

Other options include a smaller and lighter option of a slide-out webber style of bbq or a mobile version of a camping style bbq setup.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An outdoor kitchen for caravans and motorhomes is a dedicated cooking and food preparation area located outside the vehicle. It typically includes cooking appliances, storage, and workspace for preparing meals while camping or travelling.

Outdoor kitchens are popular because they allow travellers to cook and enjoy meals in the open air, enhancing the camping experience. They provide convenience, reduce indoor cooking odours, and offer more space for culinary activities.

An outdoor kitchen setup may include features such as a gas or electric cooktop, a sink with running water, food preparation counters, storage cabinets, and sometimes even a refrigerator or cooler.

Outdoor kitchens are not always standard features in caravans and motorhomes, but they can often be added later as an aftermarket upgrade. Many manufacturers offer models with outdoor kitchen options, and there are also standalone outdoor kitchen units available.

Some benefits of having an outdoor kitchen include:

  • Enjoying meals in the fresh air and natural surroundings.
  • Reducing cooking odours inside the vehicle.
  • Expanding available living space.
  • Keeping the interior cleaner during meal preparation.
  • Convenient access to cooking facilities while camping or at rest stops.

Outdoor kitchens are generally designed for fair weather conditions. They may have features like windbreaks or canopies to provide some protection, but they may not be ideal for use in extreme weather conditions. It’s essential to consider the climate of your travel destinations.

Many outdoor kitchen setups are customizable, allowing you to choose specific appliances and features based on your preferences and cooking needs. Customization options may vary depending on the manufacturer and model.

Yes, safety is essential when using propane or gas appliances in outdoor kitchens. It’s crucial to follow manufacturer instructions, ensure proper ventilation, and check for gas leaks regularly. Additionally, keep a fire extinguisher nearby for added safety.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your outdoor kitchen are essential. Clean surfaces, appliances, and utensils after each use, and store them properly to prevent damage from the elements. Regularly check for wear and tear and perform maintenance as needed.

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