A silver trailer awaits its next journey, parked on a driveway
Beyond Caravans: AllBrand Services and Repairs all Types of Trailers
Hold your horses, car trailers, boat trailers, tradie trailers, toy haulers and food trailers! While our name might say “Caravans,” at AllBrand, we’re passionate about repairing and servicing all types…
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Save $100 off labour with your next Caravan Service at AllBrand Caravan Services
We love a special offer at AllBrand Caravan Services to give extra value to our clients.  For the next 3 months, you can book your caravan in for a service…
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Family enjoys fully lifted caravan ready to use in minutes
AllBrand Caravan Services Appointed Agent for the JackaJay Electric Roof System
Instead of winding a winch up and down it is simply a press of a button!  When we arrived back to work in the new year we were met with…
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Man concentrates on fixing a ripped canvas on a caravan pop-top roof
Job Summary: Pop Top Roof Water Damage: 2005 Avan
Welcome to our series of blogs and content about completed jobs at AllBrand Caravan Services. Whether it be repairs, upgrades, or insurance for caravans, motorhomes, pop tops, campers, or hybrids,…
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Caravan to a million logo
How about a chance to win $1,000,000?
The Caravan Industry of Association of Australia and Caravanning Queensland have put together the “Caravan to a million” promotion where you have a chance to win 1 million dollars!  It…
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VANSafe Education logo
VANSafe Education February and March 2024 Activities
What is VANSafe Education? It’s a free program developed by the Caravan Trade and Industries Association of Queensland and StreetSmarts. The program is designed to equip caravanners with the knowledge…
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Caravan Draw Bar Damage Repair
Draw Bar Damage Repairs For Your Caravan
Draw Bar Damage Repairs can be varied including impact damage, integrity/strength issues and/or component failure. Visual inspections are crucial in this area but be aware that damage is not always…
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A white motorhome parked in a parking lot
Servicing Your Motorhome
Why Service Your Motorhome? As with a vehicle or caravan servicing your motorhome has a variety of benefits: Safety First: A well-maintained motorhome is less prone to breakdowns, keeping you…
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Close-up of aged caravan wood with visible wear and tear, on a white surface
Dealing with Caravan Water Damage and Insurance Repairs
This article is a guide to dealing with caravan water damage insurance repairs, from spotting it in the early stages to maintaining your van through resealing every 5 or so…
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Redeem online or in-store for AllBrand Caravan products and services
Introducing AllBrand Caravan Services: eGift Cards for Your Convenience
Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who is passionate about their caravan or motorhome? Look no further than AllBrand Caravan Services eGift Card. Our brand new eGift…
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Photo of a caravan with extensive damage sustained in a crash
Rebuilding Your Caravan after Storm Damage: AllBrand’s Four-Step Journey
Mother Nature can be harsh, and those unlucky enough to get caught in a severe storm or cyclone know the devastation it can bring. Caravan after Storm Damage, can be…
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December Draw Winner
December Draw Winner
Three cheers to Kathy and Robert Watkins (with Rachael) for winning our customer of the month December draw Winner. What a great time to be taking home some extra cash…
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