Importance of Resealing Caravan Windows

Every caravan owner would know the importance of having properly resealing caravan windows, water leaking into your caravan can be a huge issue that has the potential of causing costly damage to your van.

A caravan leak is not a minor problem, you must get it fixed immediately. This involves finding the cause and rectifying the issue.  After all, the weather in Queensland can be unpredictable; rainy one moment and sunny the next. A loose window seal, therefore, is an emergency. Treat it that way and save yourself the stress and expense of water damage in your van.

So, why should you check and reseal caravan windows? Read below:

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Your Health Comes First

When on the road, you get exposed to allergens and weather conditions. An unsealed caravan window can have health implications arising from exposure to dust and germs.  These can be devastating especially when you or your family have a history of hypersensitivity and allergies.

Allergies can also be caused by exposure to mould and mildew. This is likely to occur in your van if you have had water leak in through an unsealed window. Mould and mildew reproduce by seed or spores that travel through the air, inhaling this can cause allergies or trigger asthma.

Consider Your Precious Caravan, Too

The effect of an unsealed window on your caravan is no better than what it is on your health. If left unsealed, the condition of the body and interior furnishings of your caravan will only get worse over time. The look and worth of your caravan will drop exponentially especially when you are trying to sell it.

Caravan windows being resealed in a workshop
And When You Decide One Day to Sell

Buyers will not just look at the body of your caravan, they will inspect the insides too.

A caravan smelling damp and looking mouldy will not appeal to any buyer, except if they offer a ridiculously low amount, which you might not be willing to sell for.

General Wear and Tear

Everything is prone to deterioration and caravan window seals are no different. When used over time and not properly maintained or duly changed, the rubber that seals caravan windows can start to tear off, losing their effectiveness.

From there, water, dust, mites and other insects can easily get into your van and result in infestation and damages.

With water getting into your caravan, the big thing you should be afraid of is: rust. Rust will effectively reduce the lifespan of your van. It is a shameful sight when you see rust eating through the floor of your van.

Caravan window seals being replaced with weatherproof sealant inside a specialized workshop
Maintaining Your Caravan

To prevent damp spaces, rusting and other issues, it is important to make sure that the insides of your van is clean and dry at all times. This can be done by:

  • Regularly Sweeping, cleaning and vacuuming the caravan
  • Carrying out inspections regularly to fish out leaks and damages
  • Making sure that you open the wardrobes, cupboards and cabinets; keeping them clean and dry
  • Regularly airing the caravan. Never leave the caravan locked for a long time

Watching out for improperly tightened or lose windows with damaged sealants so you can reseal

Usually, broken sealants are a major cause of water ingress. There are different types of sealants or sealing applications. They could be silicone-based sealants, caulking compounds, butyl mastic, rubber sealants, or polyurethane sealants. They all depend on many factors including whether your window glass is fibreglass or not; and your budget, of course.

Most times, leaking windows are not the fault of the owner or the caravanner. More often than not, it depends hugely on how well the manufacturers have done their job, of properly and tightly sealing the windows.

Of course, it is possible and recommended to have your caravan windows resealed.

Essentially, it involves the following::

  • Removing the badly sealed window from the van
  • Removing the sealant
  • Properly and extensively cleaning the window
  • Reapplying a better, new sealant
  • Replacing the window
Technician resealing caravan windows with new sealant inside a workshop
Re-Sealing Caravan Windows Requires Expertise to Prevent Further Damage

While you can attempt to reseal your caravan window all by yourself, it is usually not advised. There are many do-it-yourself videos and articles on the internet that promise you a job well done in a few steps.

But that is not your job. It is bad enough to have a leaking window. It is worse to attempt fixing it yourself especially if you’re not an expert. There is the possibility of damaging other parts requiring a more expensive fix of your van.

What Do You Do?

Instead of trying to fix the windows yourself with tools you find around the house, such as a screwdriver or knife, which can cause more damage to your van, by reaching out to professionals to fix your leaking caravan windows, you can rest assured of a job well done, not a sloppy one.

A good idea, when you purchase a new caravan, make sure you examine the fittings and windows properly, check around the seals to make sure there is no sign of trouble. If it is a caravan you have been using for a while, ensure you constantly check the window seals.

At Allbrands Caravan Services, we are experts on all things related to caravan repairs and services. Having problems with a window or any leaking component? Call (07) 3869 2969 or visit us today113 Connaught Street Sandgate, QLD, 4017.   

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