Weight Distributing Hitches

Weight-Distributing Hitches/Level Rides

Weight-distributing hitches (or “level rides”) are an incredibly important towing aid which attach between the tow vehicle and the caravan. The purpose of these devices is to increase the overall stability of the rig by increasing the front wheel traction of the vehicle. The below image illustrates this effect. Because of the very position of the link between the tow vehicle and the van, the weight is placed almost entirely over the rear wheels of the tow vehicle, which in effect lifts the front end, which in turn reduces the rig’s ability to turn, brake, or ride properly.

Diagram showing non level ride

This effect may contribute to things which could be described as “pitching” or “floating”, overall loss of feeling in the rig’s steering, increased tyre wear on the rear wheels, or, possibly total loss of control. This can be especially true if the rig is under tow in more difficult conditions, for example on wet/slippery roads or in channels of high or turbulent wind drafts.

The purpose of a level-riding device is to spread the towball weight as evenly across all centres of the vehicle as evenly as possible, or, quite literally, make the car “level ride”. They act by way of the fulcrum process, whereby some weight is transferred from the rear of the rig through a pivot arrangement to the front wheels when lift is applied. This has the distinct advantage of helping to combat all of the problems outlined above, and overall making the entire rig much safer to drive.

Diagram showing level ride

Selecting the right level ride for your vehicle is quite simple – it is essentially based on the towball weight of your rig. The below table will assist you choosing.

Selecting the Right Level Ride

2 Bar Level Rides

Suitable for a very small rig with a towball weight < 85kg

4 Bar Level Rides

Suitable for a small/medium rig with a towball weight up to 110kg

Hayman Reese 250 Kit

Suitable for a medium/large rig with a towball weight up to 250kg

Hayman Reese 340 Kit

Suitable for a very large rig with a towball weight > 250kg
Can be fitted to a light duty or RL series towbar
Can be fitted to a light duty or RL series towbar
Requires a Hayman Reese Hitch Receiver on the towing vehicle
Requires a Hayman Reese Hitch Receiver on the towing vehicle. (Not suitable for sedans)
Can be transferred from car to car and van to van
Towing height fixed according to the towbar
Towing height fully adjustable

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