Water Ingress Repair on Franklin Micro Pop Top

The Problem: 

The client noticed water ingress on the roadside of the caravan, there is visible damage to the interior wall and the bed is getting wet.

Micro leak blues? We'll fix your tiny cruise
The Solution:

Lodge Insurance Claim and contact AllBrand Caravan Services. Remember you do have a choice when it comes to your insurance repairer.

Summary of Completed Work:

1. Visual inspection to confirm damage and stripped sheeting from the caravan walls to expose the water rot. Discovered water damage in a variety of areas.

2. Removed all the rotten 3mm ply and cleaned out all the staples and glue.

3. Removed all the rotten framework. Then measured, cut, and fitted framing to the caravan to reinforce the structural frame where it had rotted. The new frame was glued in place and secured. After fitting all the framework, we re-laminated the external wall with 3mm ply to ensure the sheeting would fit flush with the wall.

4. Removed the fabric headboard from the bedside and all staples from the wall. We also removed the rotted ply in the bottom corner of the wall and a piece from the centre of the wall that was covered by the fabric headboard. 

5. Removed and replaced the rotted ply under the bed base where the water pump is fitted. 

6. Measured and cut to size a ply template to cut a piece of ply to fit tightly into position under the bed. 

7. Disconnected the pump wires and charger wires to fit the ply in place, drilled out filler holes, and reconnected the wires. 

8. The bed top was then refitted and all compartments were vacuumed.

Micro caravan water damage repair - roof leak repairs underway

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