VANSafe Education February and March 2024 Activities

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What is VANSafe Education?

It’s a free program developed by the Caravan Trade and Industries Association of Queensland and StreetSmarts. The program is designed to equip caravanners with the knowledge and skills needed to help navigate touring in your caravan or motorhome. Topics covered include preparing for safe travel and weight and safety inspections. Weight in particular, is a largely misunderstood topic because so many people simply don’t add everything in their car and caravan. 

How does VANSafe benefit you?

Basically VANSafe provides you with the knowledge and tools to better understand your caravan. Whereas, before you may have known about weights, after this process you will know exactly what your caravan and belongings weigh. Therefore, giving you the exact payload you have remaining because of this process.

  • Free caravan weight and towing masterclasses. Gain expert insights on crucial topics like safe loading, legal weight limits, and manoeuvring techniques.
  • Access to valuable resources. Get downloadable guides, checklists, and tips on everything from weather preparedness to caravan maintenance.
  • Connect with knowledgeable professionals. Ask questions, receive personalised advice, and build confidence for your trip.
Why choose VANSafe?
  • Enhanced safety, tips and knowledge: Minimise risks and create a safer environment for yourself, your passengers, and subsequently other road users.
  • Increased confidence: You will be able to tackle any challenge with newfound knowledge and expert guidance.
  • Enjoyable caravanning experiences: Focus on creating lasting memories without worrying about unexpected road hiccups. Another big bonus is not being worried about what might happen because of a lack of knowledge.

VANSafe is your key to unlocking worry-free adventures in the Sunshine State.  Simply head over to

If you can’t make a session or can’t wait, here are some great videos from VANSafe that you can watch that will certainly provide you with some additional knowledge.

Reversing – VANSafe Education

Weight Terminology & Acronyms

Weight Distribution

Pre-travel Safety Check

VANSafe Caravan Masterclass

Caravan Safety & Weight Inspection

Note: Due to recent weather situations, the Kurwongbah session has been temporarily postponed. Check the website for alternative locations or rescheduling information.

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