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Getting Ready To Tow - Caravan & Motorhome Towing Services

AllBrand Caravan Services are the experts when it comes to towing services and getting you ready to tow your beloved caravan. While travelling, wherever it may be, a caravan is your home throughout your travels, and you must be prepared to tow it in case something goes wrong.
Before getting ready to tow your caravan we recommend you make sure that:

  • the safety and coupling chains are in good condition
  • the brakes and external lights are working
  • the wheels, tyres, suspension and bearings are in good condition, especially if you haven’t used the caravan for a while
  • the tyres are of the same construction on all wheels, and have a tread depth of 1.6mm or more.


Caravan towing services

At AllBrand Caravan Services we offer a quality tow bar installation service. There are many different tow bar styles however not all styles fit all vehicles. You must ensure you choose a tow bar that is designed to carry the required weight for your needs. You need to be aware of the weight of what is being towed plus the ball weight. That is, how much weight does the tow bar have to pull along the ground plus how much load will be exerted down on the tow ball.

At AllBrand Caravan Towing Services, we have experts able to help you determine your requirements, we will ensure you get the right tow bar to fit your needs, plus your vehicle, we have our own in-store towball weight scales to get you an accurate figure on the weight of your van.

The ideal towbar for towing caravans is a hitch receiver towbar. The hitch receiver tow bar incorporates a removable square hitch that is fitted with a quick release pin. These allow for a quick removal of the tow hitch when not in use.

Come and see us at AllBrand Caravan Services. We will take the worry out of ensuring you get the right product for your needs.


  1. Have AllBrand Caravan Services check your ball weight, vehicle and caravan specifications to make sure your rig setup is compliant to Australian standards.
    This sounds like a complex task, and it’s also one of the most important. Have an experienced professional complete these checks to ensure you’re set to travel. If anything is unsuitable, or not the best option for your caravan, it can cause issues such as swaying. Don’t try guessing, have our specialists assess your caravan.
  2. Fit a tow bar to suit your caravan and vehicle.
    Tow bar installation is critical to get right, so ensure you have selected a tow bar that suits your car and caravan. You’ll need to consider the weight rating of the towbar in relation to the caravan you are wanting to tow.
  3. Fit an electronic brake controller with circuit breaker protection.
    Use an electronic brake controller to control the electric brakes on the caravan. This will mimic the actions of the towing vehicle. Ensuring that the car and the caravan communicate with each other is vital. A caravan completely blinds drivers behind you from your vehicle’s movement. Please make sure to install and tested before driving anywhere. If some time has lapsed or you want peace of mind, come in and see our specialists.
  4. Fit auxiliary wire with ignition relay to your vehicle to run the caravan refrigerator.
    An Auxiliary wire is a dedicated wire. It runs from the car’s battery, via circuit protection, to the rear socket of the car. This allows the fridge to operate on power generated from the car’s alternator as you drive.
  5. Fit an Anderson plug with a smart charge solenoid or other suggested charge circuit as your application requires.
    An Anderson plug allows charge from the car battery to flow through to the caravan battery. And the smart solenoid design protects the start battery from excessive discharge.
  6. Fit weight distributing hitch to the tow vehicle.
    Weight distribution hitches link the caravan to the tow vehicle. This combination improves the towability of a caravan. It helps by sharing the load between the caravan and the tow vehicle. Ensuring you have this right will make your ride run smooth.
  7. Fit a Hayman Reese friction sway control to the tow vehicle.
    Sway control is one of the largest concerns for those who tow. An excessive sway is scary! Trailer sway is a result of poor weight distribution, tyre pressure, towing speed and suspension. But most commonly it is due to strong winds and large vehicles such as trucks. Hayman Reese friction sway controller can fix sway control. Use with weight distributing systems. They restrict the movement between the hitch and the trailer. These are beneficial for anyone towing their caravan.
  8. Fit suitable towing mirrors for extended vision of van sides.
    As we all know, caravans are big – they need to be, as they are our homes away from home. But this also means that they are usually wider than our cars. This makes it more difficult to see around the vehicle. Your individual circumstances will dictate the sort of mirrors you get. How often you tow, the size of your van or trailer, available mounting area and the area you store the van. Whatever your circumstance. If you want to travel safe, these mirrors are a necessity.
  9. Ensure AllBrand Caravan towing services have checked and road-tested the rig.
    The last thing you want to do is get stung for an unregistered or unroadworthy caravan. We can help you to ensure that your caravan is not only roadworthy but also in its best condition, to allow you to travel with confidence. Call us to book in your next service or inspection.
  10. Be mindful of weight limits when loading your caravan.
    Once you load your caravan. Make sure that the weight doesn’t exceed the maximum weight listed by the caravan manufacturer. Check the towing limits recommended by your car’s manufacturer, or the weight rating of the tow bar.

Getting your tow bar installation right is so important. If you’re unsure about how to do any of this, AllBrand Caravan towing services can help! We love to build relationships with our customers, and make sure we help them with all their needs! And we also love to hear about our customer’s adventures and it’s extremely rewarding to see the caravans we work on being loved and travelling the country.

We value being a trusted source of information and advice for caravan owners, and we hope that this blog helps you to understand more about your caravan and the specifics of towing. If you have any further questions, our helpful experts are always available. We’re only a phone call away for anything you might need. Call us on (07) 3869 2969

Some of you may have been towing your caravan for years, and some of you may be new to the scene, but either way it is reassuring to have a checklist. This way you can guarantee you’ve covered everything, and ensured your safety while on the road. You can never be too careful!

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