Suggested Hitch-Up Checklist

Suggested Hitch-Up Checklist

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Inside Van

  • Close – hatches, windows
  • Secure – curtains, blinds, folding door, stove lid.
  • Switch Off – 12v lights and pump
  • Fridge to 12v (not gas)
  • Fridge door locked
  • Loose items secured
  • Secure roof (pop-tops)


  • Levelling bars on
  • Safety chain attached
  • Mirrors on7 pin plug in socket
  • Lights tested to van
  • Tyres checked visually

Outside Van

  • Push step in
  • Door locked, keys removed
  • Hook in position
  • Gas off at bottle
  • Stoneshield locked
  • 240 power lead removed and stowed
  • Jacks up
  • Jockey wheel off
  • Tyres checked visually
  • TV fittings secured/removed
  • Caravan handbrake off


  • Annex, etc stowed in van forward of axle.

Drive 20 metres offsite. Stop, return and see what you have missed. Walk around both car and caravan and visually check that all is okay. Final mirror adjustment. Don’t forget to return the park keys and get refund, if applicable.