Static Caravan Insurance: What You Need to Know

What is a Static Caravan Insurance?

Static Caravan Insurance is a type of caravan insurance that covers a stationary caravan, i.e. a caravan that is permanently sited, with plumbing and electrical lines in place. Static insurance for caravan provides protection and coverage to your caravan in case of damages caused by severe weather conditions, loss due to theft, and special items that are included in your policy.

What is a Static Caravan?

A static caravan is a mobile home typically used for residential purposes and is usually sited on the same grounds for a long time. Unlike a touring caravan which is often towed and frequently mobile, static caravans don’t need to be towed or moved regularly. However, even though a static caravan is not always on the road, you should still protect it and its contents with sufficient static insurance coverage.

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Static Caravan Insurance Coverage

There are different caravan insurance providers and each policy may be customised to cover your unique insurance needs. Typically, a static caravan insurance will cover the following:

  • Damages caused by severe weather conditions 

this includes damages caused by storm, flood, frost and freezing.

  • Damages caused by natural disasters

this includes damages caused by earthquakes, lightning, natural fires, smoke, falling trees, subsidence, heave, or landslip of the land or pitch where your caravan stands.

  • Damages caused by accidental and malicious disasters

this includes damages caused by fire, riot, impact from another vehicle, vandalism, and other types of malicious damage.

  • Static caravan contents coverage

this coverage includes the contents inside your static caravan, such as home appliances, furniture, gadgets, and other personal belongings.

  • Cover for accessories and other features outside the caravan

this includes coverage for steps, storage chests, awnings, annexes, balcony, patios, skirting, or floatation devices.

  • Cover against theft

this includes the caravan and other items that are stolen.

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  • Cover for internal systems damage

this includes cover for heating and water systems damage, such as escaping oil, water, or gas.

  • Cover in case you are unable to use the caravan

this includes coverage for alternative or emergency accommodation.

  • Cover of re-siting costs

this covers the costs for removing the debris and other costs of re-siting (moving) in case the caravan is beyond repair.

  • New for old replacement

if the caravan is damaged beyond economical repair, you’ll receive a replacement caravan of the same value.

  • Personal accident cover

this provides protection for you and your family in case you are hurt and injured inside the caravan during an accident.

  • Public liability insurance coverage

this covers the cost of a claim made by a third party that has suffered injury or property damage inside or near the caravan during an accident.

Importance of Static Caravan Insurance
Why is a Static Caravan Insurance Important?

Some people assume that static caravans on the grounds at home are included with the home buildings and contents insurance. Others also assume that static caravans sited at a caravan park is included with the park insurance policy coverage. However, both are not always guaranteed. You need to see your home buildings and contents policy and/or the park’s insurance policy, and figure out all inclusions thoroughly to be sure that your static caravan is indeed covered.

A static caravan insurance is not legally required. Most caravan parks just need you to have at least basic coverage such as a caravan liability insurance. Although it’s not a legal requirement, it doesn’t mean it’s not a necessity. In fact, having a sufficient static caravan insurance coverage is highly recommended for your own protection.

The following are the reasons a static caravan insurance is important:
  • A static caravan is a substantial investment. It’s essential that you should protect such investment from accidental and malicious loss and damages.
  • A static caravan serves as your home or an extension of your home. You should protect and insure it as you would your main house.
  • A static caravan serves as a storage of your possessions, such as home appliances and gadgets. Having a sufficient static caravan insurance will not only protect the caravan itself in case of unexpected events, but it will also protect the contents inside it.
  • You will have peace of mind. Knowing that your home and your possessions are insured and protected against natural and malicious disasters. Hopefully this will be enough to help you sleep at night.
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Static Caravan Insurance Exclusions

An exclusion is a provision in an insurance policy that eliminates coverage for some type of risk. Every insurance policy has some types of exclusions. You need to be aware of these exclusions so you’ll know in what particular instances the insurer will not pay for a damage or loss.

Here are the few typical exclusions of a static caravan insurance:
  • Wear and tear
  • Damage and deterioration due to insect and vermin infestation
  • Damage due to rust, corrosion, and old age
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Legal liability resulting from doing your business, trade, or profession
  • Inadequate security measures
  • Repairs to old damage

Exclusions vary from one insurance policy to another. You have to talk to your insurance agent to ensure that you understand all exclusions thoroughly before you buy the policy. When it comes to protecting your caravan, it’s best not to make assumptions.

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How Much Does a Static Insurance Cost?

The cost of a static caravan insurance will depend on several factors, such as the value of your caravan, the security of its location, how you plan to use it, the level of coverage you want to get, the value of your contents, and your chosen excess. It’s best to compare the different static caravan insurance policies and their costs to see what best suits your needs.

When deciding how much coverage you need, the following factors should be taken into consideration:
  • the value of your caravan and how much it would cost to repair it after an insured incident
  • whether you need a new for old replacement cover or not – this type of coverage is best for brand new caravans
  • the level of the location’s security where your caravan is sited
  • how valuable your contents inside the caravan are

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