Save $100 off labour with your next Caravan Service at AllBrand Caravan Services

We love a special offer at AllBrand Caravan Services to give extra value to our clients. 

For the next 3 months, you can book your caravan in for a service and save $100 off labour. 

This offer is limited to only 5 bookings per month during February, March and April. Be quick as it is a first in basis! 

Take a look at the video below from Todd that talks about the importance of servicing your caravan and what it entails. It is so much more than just pulling off your wheels and having a look around.

The key areas we look at when servicing a caravan are include:

  • Wheels, brakes and bearings stripped, checked, and serviced
  • Brake linings inspected and adjusted to suit
  • Brake magnets inspected for wear
  • Hubs inspected for wear
  • Coupling bolts inspected and lubricated
  • Corner jacks properly lubricated
  • All moving components inspected
  • External traffic lights and wiring connections inspected
  • Water tank mountings and hoses inspected for integrity and protection
  • Handbrake cable adjustment and effectiveness checked
  • Jockey wheel and jacks lubricated for ease of operation
  • Tyres and wheels inspected for wear and cracking
  • Tyre pressures checked and corrected
  • Wheel nuts inspected, tightened, and threads relubricated
  • Check suspension mounts (lubricate shackle bolts if applicable)
  • Springs and shackles checked for wear, outriggers, chassis rails, cross-members and A-frames checked for damage/fatigue
  • Full inspection of body components

So if you have recently been on a trip, planning one for the future or just want your van in tip-top condition get in touch with us at AllBrand Caravan Services. 

Don’t forget we service motor vehicles right next door at Sandgate Auto Electrics who are currently running the same special offer with $100 off labour! Or maybe you have been wanting a new reversing camera, accessories or another upgrade?

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