Roll-Out Awning

Roll-Out Awning

The Caravan Roll Out Awning is erected easily in a matter of minutes and can be attached to both Pop Tops and Caravans. If your Roll Out Awning is attached to a Pop Top, pop the roof up first then follow the rest of these instructions.

First, level your Pop Top or Caravan by finding a level surface on the van close to the wheels then adjusting jockey wheel.

Opening Caravan Roll Out Awning

  1. Undo the arm storage locks.
  2. Undo the top locking knob – remember not to undo the knobs so it falls off.
  3. Move the brake lever on awning from closed to open.
  4. Pull on the strap on the awning until it is open.
  5. Slide the top awning arm until it locks into the latch.
  6. Lift the handle and raise the awning arm.
  7. Apply pressure to the top arm and tighten the top locking knob.
  8. Slide the strap out of the track and place it in a safe place.

Closing Your Caravan Roll Out Awning

  1. Insert the strap into the groove in the awning roller.
  2. Loosen the top locking knob.
  3. Lift the handle and lower the arm until it rest on the stoppers.
  4. Move the lever so the top arm can slide.
  5. Lower the arm.
  6. Hold the strap and rotate the brake lever from open to close.
  7. Close storage lock and tighten top locking knob.

Centre Rafter (Only required on awning 17′ & above)

  1. Undo the locking knob.
  2. Raise the arm and insert the end into the hole in the awning roller tube.


Your preference of caravan roll out awning is also very important, as for year round use a heavier duty awning with strong steel poles from a respected manufacturer might be a safer option.

If you’re worried about weight then top-end carbon fibre poles are strong and light, but remember that if they are pushed beyond their limits they will snap rather than bending over as a steel pole would.

Most caravan roll out awning aluminium poles are light weight, but in general don’t offer the same amount of strength as steel or carbon fibre – that said some manufacturers make fantastic aluminium poled awnings so be sure to shop around and read lots of reviews.

If the worse happens and none of your safety measures have worked, then it’s important your caravan awning and caravan are adequately covered by a specialist caravan insurance policy.

Some caravan insurers don’t cover damage caused to an awning during a storm, so ensure that you choose a policy which includes what is normally referred to as ‘storm damage to awnings cover’. That way, if you ever do get caught out by the weather and a storm hits before you get chance to take down your caravan roll out awning, damage to the awning and damage caused by the awning blowing into your caravan will be covered.

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