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Electronic Brake Controller

Today, if you want to tow a trailer with electric brakes you need an electric brake controller fit to your car. This means that the car with a controller must be used each time the trailer needs to be towed or moved.

What a pain! If you wanted to tow the trailer with another car, you now need to install a second brake controller and another and another.

Are you in the hire business? Imagine any hirer with the right vehicle being able to use your services.

Do you have a trailer that you and your team use for business? Are the young apprentices always having to use the bosses nice new car to tow the trailer? Not anymore!

electronic brake controller

ElecBrakes Brake Controller

Do you have horses? Imagine being able to tow the horse float with any motor vehicle. This section is how to install and set up. ElecBrakes is a wireless electric brake controller fitted to your trailer, not your car.

Having an ElecBrakes unit will allow any vehicle with a correct towing capacity to tow the trailer the unit is attached to. Everything you need to attach the ElecBrakes unit to the trailer is in the box.

Simply attach the unit to the drawbar of the trailer wire the electrical wires coming from the ElecBrakes unit directly into the wiring harness of the trailer.

Download the ElecBrakes app and follow the instructions to calibrate the phone to the ElecBrakes unit on the trailer.

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Redarc Tow-Pro

The Tow-Pro™ is an electric trailer brake controller designed to suit most common trailer braking applications whilst requiring minimal dash space and being simple to install and operate.

The Tow-Pro™ offers selectable Automatic or User Controlled trailer braking modes allowing the user to choose the braking style depending on the road or terrain conditions, vehicle type, or driver preference.

The unit is able to operate both electric and electric/hydraulic trailer brakes without manual selection and will operate from either 12V or 24V vehicle systems without the need for extra components or wiring. The unit is also ADR compliant when installed as directed.

electronic brake controller
electronic brake controller

Tekonsha Prodigy P2

An AllBrand favourite and our most commonly used controller

The Tekonsha Prodigy is quite possibly the single most advanced electronic brake controller system money can buy. Even though it’s a pendulum design, it requires no levelling or terrain compensation to function – this is all taken care of by the unit.

It has a multifunction digital display which displays the voltage applied to the caravan’s brakes during towing, as well as displays warnings about any faults which may occur in the feed (voltage loss and short circuits, amongst a range of others).

The unit comes with an easy-to-use plug-in wiring harness arrangement for easy removal, and easy pocket-mounting for a range of flexible mounting options. As well as a variable power output, the Prodigy also has a “Boost” function to incrementally increase output.

While some features go far beyond what many users will require as a baseline, what it offers as a total package will make your caravanning adventures a lot more stress-free and enjoyable.

Tekonsha Prodigy P3

Picking up where the P2 left off, the P3 electronic brake controller is essentially a refinement of the P2 into a much more user-focused unit with easier to adjust controls and functions.

Features like the “Boost” function are much easier to access and use, and adjustments are made easy with a scroll-button system.

Overall, P3 can be thought of as a P2 unit made easier to use while retaining the majority of its power. This unit will also work specific electric over hydraulic braking systems.

electronic brake controller
Feature Description/Explanation Prodigy P2 Prodigy P3
Pendulum Operated Does the controller automatically apply power to the caravan brakes PROPORTIONALLY to the tow vehicles deceleration. YES YES
Manual Pendulum Levelling Required Most Pendulum Operated Controllers require a simple one off adjustment to achieve smooth brakes. NO NO
Variable Output Can the power level be increased/decreased to suit different caravan loads or driving terrain. YES YES
Manual Control Operation Application of the manual lever will apply the caravan brakes independent of the car. This helps to control any caravan sway. YES YES
Digital Display of Output Level to Brakes The digital readout gives the operator powerful information to achieve consistent braking. YES YES
Mounting of Unit  Pendulum Based Controllers require the front of the unit to be horizontal but the angle can vary.  0° – 70°  0° – 70°
Troubleshooting Display  Digital Display Symbols Which Provide Helpful Information to The Operator Digital Display Digital Display
– “Trailer Connected” Symbol indicates the caravan is connected  YES YES
– “Circuit Indicator” Symbol indicates the braking circuit is complete YES YES
– “Loss of Power” Symbol indicates a loss of power to the unit YES YES
– “Short Circuit” Symbol indicates a short in the braking circuit YES YES
Warranty Term of Limited Warranty LIFETIME LIFETIME
Size Approximate Dimensions (Height/Width/Length (mm)) 35/65/130 35/65/130
Number of Axles Suitable up to how many braked Caravan axles? FOUR FOUR
Plug in Harness A snap connector makes it simpler to swap from car to car YES YES
Memory Feature Microprocessor to retain Power Level selection YES YES

European Vehicle Installations

At AllBrand we have auto electricians who specialise in caravan electronic brake controller fitments. We often install brake controllers into BMW, VW, Audi, Discovery, Range Rover plus other European vehicles.

There are usually additional costs with these vehicles with wiring circuits through out the vehicle.

If you want to know more about ElecBrakes

Download the brochure and installation guide here. AllBrand Caravan Services are always ready to help you prepare and stay safe on the roads. You can either call us today on (07) 3869 2969 or stop in at our workshop on 113 Connaught Street Sandgate QLD 4017.

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