Pre-Trip Caravan Servicing Checklists

Your caravan needs to be in its best shape before your next caravan getaway. If you’re planning to bring your caravan out of the storage port for a long road trip anytime soon, it’s essential to have it undergo a pre-trip caravan servicing to ensure that it’s safe for a long journey. The following checklists will serve as your guide to prepare your caravan for that most-awaited getaway.

Important Caravan Pre-Trip Checklist

Before you drag your caravan out of the garage and make it battle the rough roads, it’s important to ensure that it is generally roadworthy and fit to travel. You can send it to your trusted caravan shop for a pre-trip caravan servicing to make sure that all parts are in good condition and the vehicle is working properly. If you have recently sent your caravan for maintenance before you stored it away, you can do the pre-trip checking yourself.

Caravan Exterior Checklist
Here are few of the most important things that are checked before that long caravan journey:
  • Insect and/or bug infestations

 If you have not used your caravan for a long period, there is a big chance that insects and bugs have built their home within the vehicle. It’s important to check your vehicle for any insect or bug infestations before your planned trip, clean it as necessary, and repair whatever was damaged due to this infestation.

  • Tyres and tyre pressure

Make sure that the tyres are not worn and can still manage a tough trip. Also, ensure that they are inflated properly. Check your caravan manual for the correct tyre pressure.

  • Batteries

Charge the batteries for at least a week before your planned trip to ensure that they are in good condition and are holding their charge.

  • Lights

Your brake lights, left and right turn indicators, park lights, headlights, doorway lights, and any other lights in your caravan should be working properly. Change them whenever necessary. It’s also advisable to bring extra lights during your travel as a backup.

  • Awnings

Roll out your awnings to ensure that nothing is broken, or have it repaired when necessary.

  • Brake & handbrake

Ensure that your caravan’s brakes are performing properly by performing some low-speed brake tests. Make sure to check your handbrake too.

  • Mirrors

For a safer and more convenient travel, towing mirrors are recommended. Do not buy the cheap variety because they often get broken easily. Ensure that the towing mirrors are installed properly and secured tightly.

  • Wheel bearings

You can check your wheel bearings yourself by rocking your tyres to see if there is an excessive rattling sound or movement.

  • Caravan coupling

The coupling and safety chains must be securely and tightly fastened.

  • Caravan interior and exterior

Check the interior and exterior of your caravan for any rust, scratch, crack, dent, or signs of damage.

Caravan Services
Other Things to Consider

Aside from checking the vehicle for signs of damage and making sure that all parts are working properly, there are other things that you should also consider to help make your next caravan holiday a convenient, safe, and comfortable journey, for example :

  • Appliances and gadgets. Check your electronics such as refrigerator, television, cooking stove, satellite phone, and other gadgets to ensure that they are not damaged and all of them are working properly.
  • Water tanks. Checking your water tanks for cracks is very important as you don’t want any leakage during your trip. Seal any crack as securely as possible, or replace the tank whenever necessary.
  • Air condition and/or heater. To provide you with a comfortable journey, make sure that your vehicle’s air conditioning and heating system is working well. Regas the aircon as needed and ensure that air filters are clean.
  • Load mass. Your load should remain under your allowable limit. Weigh your caravan at a public weighbridge to be certain that its weight is within a safe limit.
  • Load storage. Store your load securely and as much as possible, disperse the load evenly throughout the caravan to distribute the weight well.
  • Important vehicle fluids. Check the levels of your vehicle fluids (e.g. brake fluid, transmission fluid, washer fluid, engine oil) to be certain that they are filled properly.
  • Tools and accessories. Bring the necessary tools, accessories, and spares for your own peace of mind in case something breaks while you’re travelling.
  • Other things that you need. For a comfortable and convenient caravan getaway, you have to make sure that you pack all the things that you need during your trip. This includes food and water supply, charger and extra batteries for your gadgets, personal necessities, proper clothes for the weather, and more.
Caravan Servicing
When to See an Expert for a Pre-Trip Caravan Servicing

Send your caravan for a professional pre-trip caravan servicing during any of the following circumstances:

  • You haven’t had your vehicle serviced for more than a year.
  • You noticed certain signs of damage that need immediate attention, or other signs of damage which you are unsure about.
  • You don’t have any basic knowledge about caravan parts and you’re not sure how to check them yourself.
  • You plan a really long, lengthy journey and want to make sure that everything is safe and working well.
If you are like most caravan owners, you probably don’t use your caravan for a long trip frequently.

Storing your caravan securely in a safe place when it’s not in use is very important to prevent it from getting damaged.

However, even though you’re sure that your caravan is stowed safely, it’s still essential to make certain that it’s fit and ready to hit the road the next time you travel. 

So if you’re planning to have your next caravan getaway soon, it’s best to have your vehicle checked by a professional for a pre-trip caravan servicing.

This gives you peace of mind that your next trip will be comfortable, less stressful, and most of all, safe.

AllBrand Caravan Services offers a customised maintenance and service to ensure that your caravan is fit and roadworthy for your next long journey. Talk to our caravan experts today to address any caravan-related concern. Call us at (07) 3869 2969, pop into our workshop, or send a message.

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