Lithium Battery System and Inverter

You need to consider having a lithium battery system for your caravan. A lithium battery system delivers power to your caravan efficiently. You can recharge these systems more frequently than other batteries. They are more stable and have a greater voltage capacity. This battery system discharges less and has a higher energy density. Thus, making it an efficient battery system choice.

We serviced this custom Joule Axle caravan here at AllBrand Caravans for a 2000 watt inverter-lithium battery system. This particular wattage will power approximately 1600 wattage-need. This will be more than enough for your caravan’s lights, refrigerator, and an air-conditioning unit.

We supply-fitted this caravan with a 2000-watt inverter with a remote-control system. This remote control system provides ease of use for the caravan’s owner to turn on and off lights and appliances around the caravan. It certainly promotes energy-efficiency by making lessening power-consumption easier. And, enhances the caravan experience with easy turning on and off of lights and appliances.

We attached the remote control system at an easy to locate wall installment inside the caravan. It has a remote control hub from which the caravan owner can easily place their remote control when not in use. This remote control system controls everything power-consuming inside the caravan. Including especially the lights and the air-conditioning unit inside the caravan.

In addition to this is a three-way switch connected to a wired output of 240V. Attached on the wall near the remote control system. It allows our valued client to choose between sourcing their power from the main supply or the 2000 watt inverter. This particular inverter connects to 3 lithium batteries to provide more energy storage and capacity. Lithium battery systems make a better choice at providing a reliable electricity supply for the caravan.

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All in all, our 2000 watt inverter-lithium battery system service on this Joule Axle was a success. We certainly made this caravan convert electricity to power the caravan better. Not only increasing the capacity it can power but also the ease of use it brings to the owner.

Have your caravan experience the same modifications this caravan has. Install the lithium battery system your caravan deserves! Make your way and visit 113 Connaught St, Sandgate QLD 4017, Australia, or call us for your caravan serviced today!

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