Is it time to boost your caravan security?

At AllBrand Caravan Services, we understand your caravan is more than just a vehicle; it’s your home away from home (or your home), your apartment on wheels and your platform for travel. 

Whether you’re between trips in the burbs, cruising the coast or exploring outback wonders, peace of mind is essential. 

Unfortunately, caravans can be targets for theft, vandalism, and break-ins.! Here’s a comprehensive guide to fortifying your caravan’s security.

Theft Prevention
  • Locking Up: Seems obvious, but it’s crucial! Double-check all doors and windows are secure before leaving your caravan unattended, unfortunately, even for a short trip to the loo!
  • Physical Barriers: Invest in high-quality caravan wheel locks, coupling locks. Some recommend locking your van to your vehicle but just remember to unlock it! 
  • Visible Deterrence: Security cameras and alarms act as deterrents and can provide valuable evidence in case of an incident. Motion sensor lights around your caravan add another layer of security.
  • Advanced Security: Consider the WiTi Anti-Theft System with integrated WiTi GPS. This Australian innovation utilises a gyroscope to detect movement and automatically engages your caravan’s brakes if theft is attempted. It also includes intrusion detection with door and motion sensors for a comprehensive security solution.
WiTi GPS Integration: Track and Recover Your Precious Caravan

The WiTi GPS Integration seamlessly complements the WiTi Anti-Theft System, providing real-time GPS tracking and mobile alerts. Here’s how it empowers you:

  • Alarm and electric brakes go on: How good is this? An alarm as soon as your caravan is moved and the electric brakes go on! 
  • Real-time Tracking: Monitor your caravan’s location 24/7 from your smartphone or tablet via the user-friendly WiTi GPS app.
  • Theft Recovery: In the unfortunate event of theft, immediate access to your caravan’s location can significantly increase the chances of recovery by authorities.
  • Notifications: Receive instant notifications on your phone if the alarm is triggered, the caravan experiences unauthorised movement, or the battery voltage drops critically.
Keeping Your Belongings Safe
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Don’t leave valuables like laptops or cameras on display. Utilise safes or lockable compartments within your caravan.
  • Secure Awnings, Annexes, Furniture and Outdoor items: These can be tempting targets for opportunistic thieves.
Peace of Mind on the Move: Tracking & Safety
  • Personal Safety: Be aware of your surroundings, especially when setting up camp in unfamiliar areas. 
Securing Your Home Base
  • Guarded Territory: If possible, store your caravan in a secure lockable location, ideally not visible from the road with CCTV surveillance.
  • Immobilise It: Chock the wheels and consider using a caravan wheel clamp or coupling lock for added security.
  • Weather Protection: Invest in a high-quality caravan cover to protect your caravan from the elements and deter potential tampering.

Remember to check with your insurer if your security measures will provide a deduction to your insurance premiums. An investment in security will also make your caravan more attractive at resale time to potential buyers.

At AllBrand Caravan Services, we offer a range of security products, including the WiTi Anti-Theft System with integrated WiTi GPS, and installation services. Our experienced technicians can advise on the best security solutions for your specific caravan and travel style.

If you have any questions about caravan security or would like to book your caravan or motorhome in to have security installed give the team at AllBrand Caravan Services a call.

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