Hail Damage Makeover for Traveller Obsession Caravan

This Traveller Obsession caravan rolled into AllBrand Caravan Services needing some TLC after being caught up in a hailstorm and copping hail damage. 

Our Process:
  • Checked all 240v power points 
  • Removed and disposed of old sheeting, silicone, and other materials
  • Replaced black trims
  • Removed, cleaned, and refitted windows and access doors
  • Gave the awning light, fridge vents, and exhaust pipe vent a thorough clean and refitted them
  • Repaired the awning
  • Installed new sheeting
  • Added decals to complete the refreshed look

How good does the van look after the insurance repairs are completed? Looking as good as new!

Don’t Ignore Hidden Hail Damage!

Hailstones can damage the sealant around windows, doors, and roof panels. Over time, these cracks can allow water to seep into your caravan, leading to mould, mildew and structural damage.

AllBrand Caravan Services: Your One-Stop Caravan Repair Shop

We’re your one-stop shop for all your caravan and motorhome’s needs, from insurance repairs to servicing and upgrades. See our simple 4-step insurance process below.

Obtain Claim Number From Insurance

If you have been involved in an accident, the first step is to let your caravan insurance company know right away so you can be assigned a claim number.

Book in at AllBrand Caravan Services

Your next point of call is to phone AllBrand Caravan Services and book in for an assessment,

AllBrand Picks Up Damaged Van

Our team will pick up your damaged caravan and do a full assessment of the damage (including photos) before sending the quote to your insurance company.

AllBrand Delivers Repaired Van

We will deliver your caravan back to you so you can plan your next adventure and get back on the road quickly.

Learn more about caravan insurance with Todd and Scotty Hillier:

If you have any questions, reach out to the team at AllBrand Caravan Services.

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FAQ: Hail Damage and Your Caravan

Unfortunately, no. While dents are the most visible sign of hail damage, they can also lead to more serious hidden problems. Hailstones can damage the sealant around windows, doors, and roof panels, which can cause leaks (water ingress) and subsequent damage.

 Here are some things to look out for:

  • Leaks around windows, doors, or the roof
  • Increased condensation inside the caravan
  • Drafts or uneven temperatures inside
  • Soft spots/discolouration on walls and floors
  • Dents only visible in certain light/angles

It’s important to get your caravan inspected by a professional as soon  as possible after a hailstorm.  They can assess the full extent of the damage and recommend the best course of action.

Most comprehensive caravan insurance policies cover hail damage.  Be sure to check your policy details.

While some minor cosmetic dents might be repairable by a DIY enthusiast, extensive hail damage requires professional attention.  Improper repairs can worsen existing damage and compromise the caravan’s integrity.

AllBrand Caravan Services offers a comprehensive hail damage repair service.

We’ll handle everything from the initial inspection to the final repairs, including:

  • Safety checks of all electrical components
  • Removal and replacement of damaged materials
  • Window and door repairs
  • Awning repair or replacement
  • Installation of new sheeting and decals
  • Working with your insurance company

Selling a caravan with unaddressed hail damage is not recommended and may heavily reduce the value of your caravan. Potential buyers will factor in the cost of repairs, may be discouraged by the cosmetic imperfections and concerned about what they may not be able to see.

AllBrand Caravan Services can help you restore your caravan to its pre-hailstorm condition and maximise its resale value.

It’s important to be upfront with your insurance company about any hail damage to your caravan. Here’s why:

  • Duty of Disclosure: Most insurance policies have a “duty of disclosure” clause. This means you are obligated to tell your insurer about anything that could affect your policy or a potential claim. Check your policy for further details. 

Claim Denial: If you don’t report the hail damage and later need to make a claim for another issue, like water damage caused by leaks from the hail, your insurer may deny your claim because you didn’t disclose the original damage.

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