Ditch the Old Jockey Wheel and Upgrade Your Caravan with a Black Jack Trailer Jack

Here at AllBrand Caravan Services, we know the importance of making caravanning a breeze. Especially when it comes to setting up your van, every little bit of effort saved adds up to a more relaxing experience. That’s why we’re excited to talk about the Black Jack 12V electric jockey wheel leg – an upgrade that will transform your caravanning adventures and save your back and arm!

What is a Black Jack Electric Jockey Wheel Leg?

The Black Jack is a game-changer for caravan owners. It replaces your traditional manual jockey wheel with a 12V electric motor. Simply press a button, and the Black Jack effortlessly raises or lowers your caravan, taking the strain out of hitching and unhitching.

Why Choose a Black Jack Electric Jockey Wheel Leg?

There are many reasons to consider a Black Jack for your caravan:

  • Effortless Operation: No more cranking that manual jockey wheel! The Black Jack does the hard work for you, making setup and breakdown a breeze.
  • Convenience for Everyone: This upgrade is especially beneficial for those with limited mobility or anyone who simply wants to make caravanning less physically demanding.
  • Time Saver: The electric operation is significantly faster than manual cranking, saving you valuable time when setting up camp.
  • Reduced Strain: Protect your back and shoulders from the strain of manually raising and lowering a heavy caravan.
  • Easy Installation: The Black Jack is designed for easy installation on most caravans. Our team at AllBrand Caravan Services can handle the fitting for you, ensuring a perfect setup.
Black Jack Key Features:
  • 1600 kg lifting capacity
  • Built in level indicator to easily adjust the caravan level after you unhitch
  • Removable foot pad extension for travelling
  • Tough powder coated finish
  • Emergency crank handle included as an emergency back up
  • Built in night light for operating after hours
  • Free all weather cover to keep the rain out

Watch this video of Max from GORV featuring the Black Jack Trailer Jack

Black Jack at AllBrand Caravan Services

At AllBrand Caravan Services, we’re proud to offer the Black Jack electric jockey wheel leg as part of our caravan upgrade services. Our experienced technicians can advise you on the best fit for your caravan and handle the installation quickly and efficiently.

Ready to ditch the cranking and experience the ease of the Black Jack?

We’ll help you upgrade your caravan and make your next adventure even more enjoyable. Contact the team at AllBrand Caravan Services if you have any questions or to book in your Black Jack install.

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📍 101 Connaught Street, Sandgate
✉️ info@allbrandcs.com.au

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