Dealing with Caravan Water Damage and Insurance Repairs

This article is a guide to dealing with caravan water damage insurance repairs, from spotting it in the early stages to maintaining your van through resealing every 5 or so years to understanding what can go wrong and the insurance process for repairs if it does go wrong. 

What is the answer? Like a lot of things there is no clear cut answer but there is a method and a big part of that is early detection. Common sense says the sooner you see it and have it repaired the less the cost and the less damage, preventing potential extensive repairs and structural issues. This is the same principle as our own health, a healthy lifestyle and early prevention! 

There are a few ways to do this. 

  • Visual inspection

Look out for stains and discolouration. Ceilings, walls, around windows and doors. They may be a variety of colours and shades to take note of anything that looks out of the ordinary. It could even be an idea to take some photos with each inspection so you can refer back to what it looked like previously. Other things to look out for with your visual inspection are rust, bubbles, peeling paint, warped materials including flooring, furniture and cabinetry. 

  • Touch and smell

Press on walls, floors and the ceiling. If a surface that is supposed to be hard feels soft or spongy or even give way you can put the red flag up. Depending on your smelling senses you might pickup on a damp, musty smell that might be coming from an area that you can’t see. 

  • Look again

Take a closer look at seams, seals and where there is any change in material. Run your fingers along the seals to make sure they are in good condition. Have a closer look around windows and doors, inspect plumbing fittings, pipes and drains. During a heavy downpour, if you can easily access your van, take a look inside and do your own water test. 

Another recommendation is prevention. This can revolve around storage. Many caravanners don’t have the luxury of undercover storage but being out of the weather obviously protects it. Maintenance through regular resealing (every 5 years or so) is another winner as is regular visual inspections. 

As usual, insurance is a good idea and is there to protect your investment and lifestyle. Be aware of exactly what is included and excluded in your policy. Also make sure you are comparing apples to apples when looking at different coverage options. 

Time is of the essence before the damage worsens: The faster you file you contact your caravan service provider and insurance company, the quicker the damage can be assessed and fixed. 

Are you are uncertain if you have water damage? Want to have your caravan resealed or need to make an insurance claim? Give the team at AllBrand Caravan Services a call. We do this type of work day in and day out.

What You Should Know About Water Damage And Insurance Repairs:


The primary causes include heavy rain, storms, leaks, and plumbing issues.

Water damage can compromise the caravan’s structural integrity, leading to rot, deterioration, and potentially costly repairs if not addressed.

Comprehensive caravan insurance offers financial protection against unforeseen events like water damage, ensuring peace of mind during your travels.

You should meticulously document the damage with clear photographs and detailed notes, highlighting the affected areas. Then promptly report the incident to your insurance provider.

A skilled repairer will identify the source of damage, prevent recurrence, and ensure the caravan is restored to a safe and dry condition.

It can include replacing damaged materials, fixing plumbing issues, addressing leaks, re sheeting, structural repairs and restoring the caravan’s interior to its pre-damage condition.

AllBrand Caravan Services is a company with over 359 years of trade experience, specialising in insurance repairs and working with major insurance companies. They have been serving the local community since 1973 and are known for their quality workmanship.

AllBrand’s website offers a wealth of information, and our team is available for inquiries via phone, email & social media platforms.

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