Caravan/Trailer Camera System Utilises the Vehicles Screen in Reverse

This article compares the two caravan camera integration systems offered by AllBrand Caravan Services for the Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series VX (2015+) with a 9-inch display, focusing on Brisbane customers.

Key Differences:
  • VX vs. Sahara: Though similar on the surface, the VX has one reverse camera while the Sahara has a surround view. This requires different integration systems.
  • System Activation:
    • Standard: Long press the navigation button while driving forward, press differently in reverse.
    • Premium: Automatically displays caravan camera when hitched and in reverse, switches back to factory camera when unhitched.
  • Camera Compatibility: Both systems require NTSC cameras. Check your camera’s compatibility beforehand.
  • Dual Camera Support: The premium system seamlessly works with dual caravan cameras for optimal views.
  • Upgrade: If you have the standard system installed, you can upgrade to premium for around $300 (plus installation).
Choosing the Right System:
  • Standard: Suitable if your primary need is a rearview camera while driving forward and you don’t mind manual activation in reverse.
  • Premium: Ideal for automatic camera switching in reverse and increased convenience.

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