Caravan Services and Repairs in Brisbane

AllBrand Caravan Services, are an approved caravan repairer who make it easy - when you need help the most!

Caravan Services and Repairs in Brisbane

We work with many of the major insurance companies. And we offer affordable caravan services in Brisbane. You’ll get peace of mind to know that our services and caravan repairs will last the distance. And you won’t break down in the middle of nowhere!

At AllBrand we work with all major Insurance Companies weekly.

Our caravan servicing options include:

  • Insurance repairs

  • Caravan & Motorhome servicing

  • Towing Preparation

  • Repairs & Improvements

  • Free Camping

  • Solar Power

  • Accessories


If you’ve unfortunately had an accident while on a trip, we can get you back on the road in no time, faster than ever.

Get a claim number from your Insurance company, and then bring your caravan in for the repairs to be undertaken.

Or, we can pick up the damaged van, and then deliver it once repaired.

AllBrand Caravan Services features a caravan insurance repair workshop. We have the professional staff to restore your caravan.

Our caravan repairs specialists are experts and have years of knowledge and experience, so your rig is in safe hands.


AllBrand Caravan offers a comprehensive service and repairs. We inspect in detail over 40 items on the chassis and suspension system.

You can relax knowing that your vehicle has been thoroughly inspected and won’t break down in the middle of nowhere.

Our Inspections Cover:







We also provide the following caravan services options. Solder your wires, jockeying bearing, wheel bearing change and suspension bushes. We change brake linings, change brake magnets, sidelight inspection, and windup servicing.


AllBrand has many years experience with caravan towing services. We take care of your cherished van at every step.

A Caravan Service Centre that offers the following: 

Towbar Assembly work out the towball weight of your loaded caravan as it would weigh while on the road using our in-store towball weigh scales.

Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) determines your caravan’s ATM. Which is the total mass of your van plus any incidental payload you add to the rig (water, gas, luggage etc.)

Electronic Brake Controllers. Install electronic brake controllers with the control module attached under your vehicle’s dash.

Auxiliary Wire is a circuit. It runs from the tow vehicle’s battery via a circuit breaker. This allows the caravan’s refrigerator to run on the tow vehicle’s 12V source while you are driving.

Anderson Plugs delivers an electrical charge from the tow vehicle’s battery. It can pass through to an on-board battery in the caravan via a specialised charge circuit.

Weight-Distributing Hitches/Level Rides attaches between the caravan and the tow vehicle. This provides a critical towing aid which provides improved stability of the rig. And it does this by increasing the vehicle’s front wheel traction.

Friction Sway Control a sway control system improves the safety of the rig while reducing driver fatigue and improving the feel of the rig.

Towing Mirrors are essential to improve visibility while on the road. The door-mounted mirrors provide the best option.


Your rig is more than just a caravan; it’s a home away from home.

We can provide a highly customized and unique improvement services to personalise your rig. Such as for a touring system perfectly matched to your needs while enhancing your caravanning journey.

caravan services Brisbane

Our experts are available to give you professional advice in regards to improvements and features you can add to your caravan.

Therefore, AllBrand Caravan Services offer enhancements which include:

  • access doors,
  • air conditioning,
  • van raising,
  • battery systems and installations,
  • auxiliary battery installations,
  • front matting,
  • roll-out awnings,

On the other hand, AllBrand also offer dual battery circuits all the way to resealing your caravan.

We also take care of suspension needs, deadening body spray for the undercarriage and adding a reversing camera.

In addition, we install solar systems, as well as diesel heaters for motorhomes.


The latest Caravaning trend which has exploded in popularity is ‘Free Camping’. This is also known as bush camping, off power camping, dry camping and boondocking.

What could be better than living in a completely self-sustained manner? Which means away from the crowds, without having to rely on fixed amenities? Paradise!

This is an enhanced caravanning experience where your rig can provide all of your needs such as water, and power.

Gone are the days of having to be a part of crowded campsites. Instead, you have the freedom to go anywhere and explore more of the great outdoors.

Let the specialists at AllBrand Caravan Services help you to slow things down and keep it simple. We can get your caravan, free camping ready. Ensuring you have the right gear for your rig to allow you to see more of the country.


Caravan Solar Panels

Caravan Solar Panels offer an outstanding alternative power supply if you want to go off grid to camp anywhere.

Solar Panels convert sunlight into electrical energy which then stores to power your rig.

It also offers you the freedom to explore and provides reliable power to run electrical devices and lighting.

They are available in various shapes and sizes and can suit any camper, caravan, or RV. It is flexible that it can either be mounted or portable.

We have a large selection of solar panels to choose. And one of our specialists can help you pick the best setup depending on your needs.


AllBrand Caravan Services understand how important it is to have the best and right gear for your rig. This is true especially when you may be in the middle of nowhere.

Which is why we carry a large range of high-quality gear from industry leaders such as Webasto, Waeco, Vitrifrigo, Tyredog, Tekonsha, Saturn, Sam Allen Wholesale, RVmaa and many more.

No matter what your caravanning needs are. From repairs to servicing, towing, improvements, free camping preparation, solar power, or accessories
AllBrand Caravan Services have got you covered.

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