Caravan Services: What You Should Know

A caravan is your home while you’re on the road, thereforeit should be treated with the utmost care. Just like any other vehicle, a caravan often travels over bumps and rough roads. Your long caravanning journey will eventually take its toll on your caravan. You need to take necessary measures to keep it in the best possible condition, like visiting a caravan expert for regular caravan services.

Why You Need to Have Your Caravan Serviced

There are three main reasons why you need to have your caravan regularly serviced are:

  • To ensure road safety:

Your caravan needs to be checked and serviced regularly to ensure all of the parts are in their best working condition. This is crucial because your caravan’s roadworthiness is at stake – and most importantly, you and your family’s safety.

  • To provide a comfortable caravanning journey:

A regular caravan service also includes inspection of the electrical connections and water supply to ensure that your living area has no major deterioration. This will provide you with comfort and convenience during your entire caravanning getaway.

  • To prevent more serious issues and/or damage:

Another important reason why your caravan needs regular servicing is, it detects issues and problems early on so you can have them repaired or replaced, as necessary. This will help prevent certain issues and/or damage from becoming more serious later on.

Caravan Servicing
The Most Common Caravan Services

Each caravan service centre offer different options for caravan services. Most manufacturers recommend that the entire caravan should be checked and serviced at least once a year. Below is a checklist of the most common services you can find:

Checking of Wheels, Brakes, & Bearings

The wheels of your caravan are one of the most used parts that will easily wear out. During a caravan servicing, your wheels are checked for any damage along with balancing and alignment as needed.

Brakes, Brake Linings, and Brake Magnets

The braking system of your caravan is an important safety feature that should always be maintained. During the service, the brakes are checked to ensure that they are not damaged. The brake linings and brake magnets are also inspected for cracks or any damage, and will be changed, as needed.


Wheel bearings support the wheels and axles and help them turn with minimum friction, while carrying the weight of the vehicle. They usually suffer a great amount of stress. Wheel bearing servicing often includes thorough inspection for defects like pitting, deterioration of the coating, and rusting, any other issues. They are replaced when needed.

Caravan Services
Checking of Tyres

Tyres wear out easily because they are always in moving contact with the road surface. During a caravan service, tyres are inspected for any damage. Tyre pressures are also checked and adjusted. If the tyres are already worn out, they need to be replaced.

Checking of Suspension, Springs, and Shackles

The suspension system is composed of springs, tyres, bearings, ball  joints, linkages, steering system, and spindles that connect a vehicle to its wheels. This system will eventually wear out under constant use so it is important to have it serviced regularly. Any damage shall be repaired or replaced as necessary.


Springs are checked for sagging, cracks, breakage or distortion.


Shackles are checked for any depletion. The shackle bolts are lubricated as needed.

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Checking of Axles

Axles hold and sustain the entire weight of the caravan. During a caravan service, axles are checked for leaking seals, torn CV boots, and worn axle joints. If major issues are found, repair or replacement should be done immediately.

Inspection of Safety Sway Control System

The safety sway control system keeps the caravan in line with the tow vehicle  and prevents a swaying rig. A swaying rig is a dangerous problem that may occur when caravanning. When not properly addressed, it can lead to road accidents. A caravaning professional will inspect your safety sway control system to ensure that it is in working condition.

Chassis Inspection

The caravan’s chassis is the foundation for the entire caravan construction. Even though it’s made out of steel, it can also get damaged due to cracks, rust, dents, scratches, chips, or wear and tear. When damage is discovered during a chassis inspection, repair should be done immediately.

Inspection of Water Tanks

Water tanks, including water tank mountings and hoses, are inspected for cracks, dents or tears, that may cause leaking. Any leaking should be addressed as soon as discovered to prevent any sanitary issues. By having your caravan serviced regularly, damage to your water tanks, mountings and hoses can be prevented.

Checking of Electrical Connections

Electrical wiring connections are checked to prevent short circuiting. This is essential  if you want to be sure you can safely use your appliances while caravanning. Electrical wiring inspection should also be done to prevent fire due to electrical issues.

Inspection of Other Components

All other caravan components are inspected and maintained to ensure they are in best shape while you travel. Wheel nuts and bolts are tightened, jockey wheels and jacks are lubricated, lights are checked, handbrake cable is adjusted and the cooling/heating system is checked.

Caravan Servicing
Regular Caravan Maintenance Service is Important

Typically, you should have your caravan maintained and serviced by experienced professionals at least once a year, or every time you return from a long caravanning journey. It’s also recommended to have your caravan checked, particularly if you are planning a trip.

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