Top 10 Caravan Forums in Australia And Why You Should Choose One Over the Other

Finding it difficult deciding which caravan forum(s) to join? Take a look at the 10 caravan insurance forum we have listed below. We created the list based on the number of members and the activeness of members.

What are these forums for anyway?

Forums are sites where online discussions and conversations are held by posting messages. Forums are basically online communities. These communities are readily available to attend to its members’ needs.

Forums are sites that allow you to ask questions, and have other members answer or tell you about their experiences. Questions will arise anytime you plan a new trip or have a few technical issues.. One of the best ways to get helpful information to specific questions, is by joining online caravanner forums.

You might however only want to contribute with your experiences and that is fine. There are forums that encourage you to do so.

A number of caravan forums have different aims, targets and purposes. It depends on your needs as a caravanner in deciding what kind of caravan community you prefer to join.

In this article, we have listed various caravan forums, online sites and clubs which you might like to join.

The Australian Caravan Club (the ACC)
The Australian Caravan Club (the ACC)


Founded in 2006, the ACC has evolved to expand beyond caravanners. The ACC has a strong advocacy branch that focuses on legislation and policies related to RVers and caravanners. Currently, the ACC has 49 branches across Australia and you can join the one closest to you.

They also have special interest groups that cater to members with similar interests, from pet owners to members who like to travel alone.
Caravan and Motorhome

With over 13,000 members, Caravan and Motorhome is a fantastic online community that provides a lot of information.  As a newcomer, you are encouraged to introduce yourself to the members by posting a message on the site’s board index. Scrolling downward from there, you can easily navigate through forums and sub-forums on travel and travel destinations, technical and mechanical issues, a number of interesting and valuable off-topic discussions and much more.

The Grey Nomads

The Grey Nomads is a well-known community of people who love to travel by caravan, motorhome, fifth wheeler and campervans. There are discussions to follow on the forum, and interesting and entertaining posts, too. For example, there is one about how mice invaded a rig and spread everywhere!
The community goes on to provide a merchandise shop, too. It really is a big community where you will find almost anything related to mobile homes, provided you do not get annoyed by the ads.
Caravaners Forum


On this forum, you are bound to find answers to whatever issues you have related to caravans. With over 26,000 members, Caravaners Forum is a place for technical discussions, general discussions, trip planning discussions, photos and photo competitions. Members can swap, trade or even get items for free. There are event calendars available, question and answer forums, and general information and tips.

As it indicates in the forum’s mission statement, Caravaners Forum is “an internet forum where members discuss and seek information from other members in relation to caravanning and the like in a family friendly environment”. And oh! Birthdays are also celebrated for forum members, too!

Everything Caravan, Camping and Outdoors


Everything Caravan is a useful online forum with a closed group, and forum managed on Facebook. It is meant for residents of South Australia only. If you are not a resident of South Australia, I do doubt you can bypass the membership request questions provided by the admin.

It is majorly a buy-and-sell website for caravanners. However, it also aims to provide an avenue for members to share their experiences and post photos of camping and caravan trips. You can also take a sneak peek at the website created to consolidate the Facebook forum. You will find valuable information there, too.
Caravan on Tour


This is another easy-to-use forum that enables and encourages members to post about anything caravan. Caravan on Tour is quite special as discussions are widely varied. Discussions range from what you need to do before setting out on a long trip to funny caravan jokes and videos. Caravan on Tour is also popular for its discussions on campsites and beachside caravan parks.

Don’t get irked by the Google ads. Once you register, join, and login, they’ll instantly disappear.

Caravan and Camping Australia


This is another Facebook forum that churns out lots of valuable tips and information for caravanners. Members get to post their travelling and camping experiences to the delight of the readers.

You can post your question and be sure to get an answer soon enough. And if you are more familiar with the ‘features’ and ‘terrains’ of Facebook, it is a forum worth checking out.


A well-known and respected maker of RVs, Jayco understands the importance of a community. In here, you get to discuss all things related to the industry, especially mechanics and tech. So, if you were are not aware of the Jayco owners’ community (club), here it is.

Explore the Jayco Lifestyle dropdown menu and you will not be disappointed.

Caravan and Camping Links of Australia


This is another Facebook forum page, but with more specificity. On Caravan and Camping Links of Australia, you will find useful addresses and links to various camping sites, caravan parks, repairs and service centres. Users or members are encouraged to post useful links related to the caravanners’ society. Members are also encouraged to post photos of travel destinations under those links, especially if they’ve been there themselves.


Joining an online forum is necessary, whether you are new to the camping and caravanning experience, or a veteran. Fortunately, there are various forums you can  join. If you have decided to become a member of a community, the information above should give you a good idea of what forum would suit you.

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