Caravan Hot Water Systems: Gas, Electric or Both?

One of the first essential steps in making your new caravan more like home while you’re traveling is to ensure that it is fitted with the right accessories. In choosing your accessories, it’s best to opt for those that will remain compatible for future upgrades. One of the most important accessories that you should invest in is a caravan hot water system.

A caravan hot water system provides you with a comfortable and relaxing shower even while you’re on the road. Isn’t it comforting to know that you have hot water available for a warm shower after a long day traveling the countryside? If you have hot water in your caravan for a shower while traveling during the colder months, it would make your road trips a lot more homey.

But which type of hot water system is best for your caravan?

Types of Caravan Hot Water Systems

Caravan hot water systems usually run on either gas, electricity or both. Let’s explore each of these types, how they differ from each other, and their pros and cons to find out which type is the best choice.

shower in a caravan, thanks to the efficient hot water system
Gas Water Heaters

A caravan gas-only water heater is a hot water system that runs on gas. You need gas cylinders to run this type of hot water system. This is ideal for free camping, outback travel, and those who spend a significant amount of time on the road.

Pros of Gas Water Heaters:

  • Can be used without electricity
  • Great for off-road travels and camping
  • Low energy cost because you don’t need to invest in solar power setup or batteries
  • Heats water rapidly

Cons of Gas Water Heaters:

  • Tend to cause condensation which may not be good for caravans.
  • Requires a steady flow of clean water.
  • You need a hot water gas service to maintain it.
Electric Hot Water Systems
Electric Hot Water Systems

A caravan electric hot water system is a water heater that is powered by electricity. It instantly heats water as it passes through the tap. You can have readily available warm water for washing hands, washing the dishes, or showering. This is ideal for those who are willing to invest in leisure battery setups and solar panels.

Pros of an Electric Hot Water System:

  • It provides more convenience because it heats water straight from the tap.
  • It is water-efficient because it heats water only when needed, which means there will be less water to be wasted.
  • As long as you have electric power, hot water will be available.

Cons of an Electric Hot Water System:

  • Electric connection or battery power is required.
  • You need to invest in caravan solar panels or battery setup.
  • The availability of hot water may be limited to planned trips and powered caravan parks, not during outback travels.
  • May take some time for water to heat up from the time you turned it on.
Choose the best hot water system for your caravan: gas for portability, electric for quietness and eco-friendliness
Gas and Electric-Powered Hot Water Systems

A caravan hot water system that is powered by a combination of gas and electricity is the best option for those who want to enjoy the benefits of both gas and electric water heaters. This type of water system will remain compatible with future caravan upgrades, providing a smooth transition.

For instance, if you cannot afford to buy a solar panel or leisure batteries at this time, you can still enjoy hot baths and warm water for washing by running your heater on gas. The moment you’re ready to install solar panels or battery setups, you’ll  be able to use the same water heater and have a consistent flow of warm water when connected to electric power.

Pros of Gas & Electric Caravan Hot Water Systems

  • You may be able to use this and have available hot water even in unpowered sites and during outback travels.
  • You don’t need to invest in solar panels or batteries if you’re not yet ready because it can function using gas cylinders.
  • You can still use it when you’re ready to upgrade because it remains compatible.
  • You can enjoy a continuous flow of hot water using the electric mode.

Cons of Gas & Electric Caravan Hot Water Systems.

  • It may be more pricey than the gas-only or electric-only hot water system.
Caravan with gas hot water system, emphasizing its fuel efficiency and portability
The Best Option

The best type of caravan hot water system will greatly depend on your budget and personal preference. Those who prefer to go on outback travels and are on a low budget would choose the gas-only water heater, while those who want a steady flow of hot water straight from the tap would opt for the electric hot water system.

However, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of both gas-only and electric water heaters, then it’s best to invest in a caravan hot water system that’s powered by both gas and electricity. This kind of hot water system will give you a comfortable bath despite the ambient temperatures. You also won’t miss out on hot water due to power shortages or unpowered caravan sites. Most of all, gas and electric hot water systems allow an easier and inexpensive future upgrade to your caravan.

Where to Buy Gas & Electric Caravan Hot Water Systems?

Most caravan shops offer different types of hot water systems. Make sure to consult with the experts when it comes to accessorising your caravan before you buy anything. This is to ensure that you will invest in the right accessories that fit your budget, personal preference, and other important considerations.

We, the experts at AllBrand Caravan Services, are always committed to offer the best advice customised for your unique needs. We are available to answer your concerns about your new or existing caravan. If you have questions about hot water systems, or any other caravan accessory, reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you!

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