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CAREFREE 12V Freedom Wall Box Awning

Freedom Awning

Streamlined and easy to operate, Carefree have released the Freedom 12V box awning that mounts onto the side of your Caravan. By utilising the button installed inside your caravan, you can open and retract the awning.

Whilst opening the awning, the support arms (located in the lead bar) can be unfolded once it is at a comfortable and easy- to-reach height. The Freedom’s support arms are adjustable by means of flip lock controls. To retract the awning, simply fold support arms back into the lead bar and press the button, the awning case closes and locks itself so you are ready to continue your journey. The Freedom 12V awnings are housed in an attractive white aluminium casing and are available in two canopy colours.


  • Sleek look, unmatched beauty.
  • Support arms adjust easily with flip lock controls.
  • Sturdy aluminum case and end caps.
  • Full or partial extension – if you don’t have the space to open your awning out to full extension, you can stop at any point, unfold the legs and secure them.
  • Manual override in case of power loss.
  • Kit includes 12V motorised awning, top mounting brackets, two bottom leg support brackets, backing plates & covers, Installation and Owners manual
  • Support legs can be pegged to the ground, Clipped to base of the RV or set at a different level as may be required on a slide-on.

Box Awnings are suitable for almost all RV types including Caravans & Pop Tops. Due to their compact, low profile they are most popular with Motorhomes, Campervans, Camper Trailers & Horse Floats.

They are very easy to set up. The vinyl and legs all compactly fold up within the box awning without the need to set up & store any additional poles.

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