Beyond Caravans: AllBrand Services and Repairs all Types of Trailers

Hold your horses, car trailers, boat trailers, tradie trailers, toy haulers and food trailers! While our name might say “Caravans,” at AllBrand, we’re passionate about repairing and servicing all types of trailers, not just your home-on-wheels.

That’s right, whether you’re adventuring in a motorhome, glamping in a camper, have all your tools and equipment in your tradie trailer, running a catering business from a food trailer or hauling precious cargo in a specialised trailer, we’ve got your back (and your wheels!) covered. 

Here’s why you can trust AllBrand with any trailer, regardless of its purpose:

  • Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in working with a wide variety of trailer types, from the classic caravan to the unique food truck. We understand the specific needs and challenges of each, ensuring proper diagnosis and repair.
  • From routine maintenance to major repairs, we handle it all. We’re your one-stop shop.
  • We speak your language: Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a first-time trailer owner, we communicate clearly and explain things in a way you understand. No jargon, just honest advice and solutions.
  • Passionate about quality: We take pride in our work and use only the highest quality parts and materials. Your trailer is in good hands with us.

Remember that Ghostly Games trailer we’re working on? Re-sheeting, redoing a section of floor and structural work on the A-frame. It’s just one example of our diverse trailer expertise. We’re proud to support small businesses and keep their trailers rolling smoothly.

So, the next time your trailer needs some TLC, repairs, a service or something just doesn’t seem right, contact us or   visit AllBrand Caravan Service – your one-stop shop for all things trailers!

P.S. We still love caravans, of course! But know that we’re also your one-call solution for any trailer, big or small.

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