AllBrand Caravan Services Appointed Agent for the JackaJay Electric Roof System

Family enjoys fully lifted caravan ready to use in minutes

Instead of winding a winch up and down it is simply a press of a button! 

When we arrived back to work in the new year we were met with several jobs relating to wind up campers, whether it be telescopic legs, the system not working, cable issues and/or alignment being out so it is perfect timing that can now offer an electric alternative for winding up the camper roof. Best of all the JackaJay Electric Roof System fits in the same place as the old winch and cable system. 

one push of a button on to lift the roof with JackaJay Electric Roof System

JackaJay Electric Roof Controller

We are pleased to announce that AllBrand Caravan Services has been appointed as an agent for the JackaJay Electric Roof Lift System. The JackaJay is a modern, 12v electric system that replaces the traditional wind-up camper system for all wind-up camper trailers.

JackaJay certainly fits in exactly the same place as the old winch and cable system. Simply have AllBrand Caravan Services remove the old and replace it with the new! Furthermore, the only components retained are the telescopic legs. Consequently, due to the updated technology there are less things that can go wrong and less things to worry about, ultimately leading to a decline in ‘winch anxiety’!

Caravan JackaJay System Blueprint

The JackaJay System

Say goodbye to your camper’s wind up problems with the JackaJay Electric Roof System!

Manual lifting system using cables and wind
Man using the traditional caravan roof lifting process

Setting up and packing down your camper trailer is made easy with JackJay! 

Family enjoys fully lifted caravan ready to use in minutes
A couple enjoying their caravan with JackaJay Electric Roof System

Features of the JackaJay Electric Roof System include: 

  • 12v electric lift system
  • Replaces outdated manual winch / retrofit to older camper trailers
  • Far easier to lift your camper trailer roof
  • Fool-proof – if you leave a clip on, the controller stops and alerts you
  • Fault / obstruction detection for additional safety
  • Extends the life of your camper trailer
  • Removes the anxiety of having a winch cable snap
  • 5 Year Warranty (domestic use)
  • Live Battery Voltage monitoring
  • Undervoltage control
  • Full colour 4.3inch LCD touch screen

If you are looking at making life comparatively easier with your Jayco, Gold Stream, New Age (Wayfinders), Coromals, Golf (and other brands) wind-up camper give us a call or email us.

Eventually you can anticipate issues with your old wind-up and the next time that happens you no have a choice, repair the winch or go electric and significantly improve the ease of operation, resale, and of course all of the benefits highlighted above.

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