7 Must-know Caravan Insurance Mistakes That Can Cost You a Fortune

There are many things you need to learn when you decide to go on a caravan holiday. Undoubtedly, you need to know the inside out of your caravan: how to care for it, how you should load and arrange your belongings inside, and even caravan insurance mistakes.

Your insurance is your safety net. You never know when you’ll trip and fall  – but you’ll be rest assured to know that there is something to fall back on. Your caravan insurance will typically cover external damages and other types of cracks and chips on the body of the caravan caused by external factors (weather, collision with other vehicles etc).

Off-road caravan outfitted with essential gear like winches, recovery tracks, and spare tires, parked outdoors

However, it is also wise to learn if there are holes in your safety net, too! Many people put in the investment only to find later that their insurance won’t cover thousands of dollars of repair costs. When that happens, there is little you can do but to pay the repair costs yourself. What a waste of money!

That is why it is also a good thing that you (and your family members, if you are bringing them along) to read the terms of the fine print of your insurance. The following is what you need to know about your insurance proposal:

Rooftop tents perched on 4WDs, ready for a beach camping getaway
1. Are you up to date on what your coverage is?

Learn the type of damages that are actually covered. Agents and ads would typically only advertise the benefits that may concern you to entice you to buy or try to instill fear so you take action and buy now

Learn to take proper measures in ensuring your caravan’s safety. Most insurers love clients that try to prevent damages and will give discounts. Others who don’t pay much attention to this may not be able to claim should problems arise as it can be categorized as owner’s fault.

Check for size or weight restriction. This means that your caravan should not exceed a certain limit of weight to still be available for claiming should any damages occur.

Some insurance company change their policies over time, so you need to check how yours are changed, too. Nothing is standard; the policies are always subject to changes and sometimes, changes are done without prior notice. This means you will have to comply and agree with the changes once you signed the paper.

Insurance Policy
2. Are you covered with the right caravan insurance policy?

Depending on what your main use of your trailer or caravan is, your  insurance covers different types of accidents, theft, and damages.

Static caravan insurance. If your trailer is placed in one location for a long time and is meant to be a holiday park, you should go for a static caravan insurance. This will cover damages incurred when the caravan is not moving and caused by weather or accidents. When you plan to move the caravan, make sure your mover has insurance so you’re protected in case damages are done during the process.

Touring caravan insurance. This one is meant for a caravan that is being towed by another car. This should not be confused with a car insurance as they are two different things. Even if your car is insured, do read the policies and understand what is included in its coverage. Most only cover minor damages, such as dents and scratches. You will have to be responsible for theft or major damages done on it. Touring abroad will also mean that you need a different kind of touring caravan insurance, especially when damages happen outside the border of the country.

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3. Separate caravan and personal insurance

Caravan and personal insurance are two different things. Most caravan insurance covers only the caravan and its interiors. Theft of electronic gadgets and personal belongings will have to be further discussed. They will usually ask you to take out household insurance for those. It gets a bit complicated if you are touring abroad and you need to have your gadgets safe.

4. Excesses

When you make a claim, there’s always a fixed price you need to pay to proceed with the claim. This is called compulsory excess, which increases when you reduce your monthly fee for the insurance service. Also referred to as the premium.

When a settlement is made to you and it goes above the limit your insurer will pay for you, this is called voluntary excess. Companies allow clients who are willing to pay the higher voluntary excess to pay a lower premium fee.

With that said, it’s always important that you consider what is most essential in your belongings and how much you are willing to pay in voluntary excess should anything major happen. Premium builds up as time goes by and the next part will explain why it’s important to think about this.

5. When taking out

You cannot assume that you’ll get as much as you’ve paid in. It often changes and surveys prove that only 30% of insurances have their full funds paid out.

A technician wearing safety gear installs a dust reduction system on a rooftop
6. Eligibility for no-claim bonus

If for a certain amount of time you have NOT made any claim with your insurer for repairs or settlement, you will be granted a bonus. Most insurance companies are happy to give extra bonuses to clients that haven’t claimed.

You are rewarded by the insurer with bonuses for taking care and preventing accidents from occurring in the first place.

7. Works well with caravan servicing companies

Let’s talk about the claiming process with the caravan servicing company. Is it complicated? Many of us want to spend our time just hitting the road, but if we have to spend days or even weeks trying to get your awning fixed, thats  vacation ruiner.

AllBrand is a caravan servicing company with a streamlined three-step process. The 3 step process allows time to be efficiently allocated. It also ensures that you can have your caravan back just in time to begin your next exciting journey. AllBrand also works with all major insurance companies.

Get your claim number from your insurer – Book in with us – Your caravan fixed and delivered  – Your now ready to hit the road!

Very simple and direct. All you need to do now is read that policy your insurance company sent you. Claiming your insurance with AllBrand Caravan Services is not complicated, we can hold your hand through this process! To discuss the process further, you can walk into our workshop at 113 Connaught Street Sandgate, QLD, 4017 or give us a call anytime on (07) 3869 2969.

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