270 Degree Awnings a Winner for Hybrid Caravans

Is your traditional awning for your hybrid caravan not giving you enough protection? Have you considered a 270-degree awning as featured in the above video with Todd? 

Here are some benefits of a 270-degree awning for a hybrid caravan. 
  • Perfect Fit for Hybrid Designs: Traditional awnings often extend the full length of the caravan, which can be excessive for a hybrid. A 270-degree awning offered by Australian favourites like Supa Peg or Aussie Traveller provides targeted coverage for the side and rear, creating a designated outdoor living area without unnecessary shade over the pop-top section.
  • Effortlessly Easy Setup and Pack Down: Forget wrestling with a maze of poles and ropes . Many 270-degree awnings are renowned for their user-friendly deployment. Imagine relaxing by the barbie under your awning within minutes – that’s the beauty of these Aussie-designed solutions!
  • Lightweight Champion: Traditional awnings, especially canvas ones, can add significant weight to your caravan. Many 270-degree awnings from Australian brands are available in lighter synthetic materials, keeping your hybrid caravan nimble and fuel-efficient. This is especially important when exploring outback tracks or seeking that perfect off-grid campsite.
  • Privacy on Demand: Some 270-degree awnings from Australian brands come with optional wall panels that can be zipped on, creating a more private and protected outdoor space
  • Sun, Wind and Rain Protection:  The primary function of any awning, a 270-degree design provides ample shade from the harsh Aussie sun, keeping you cool and comfortable. It also offers shelter during rain showers and wind, ensuring you have a usable space if the weather turns. 

A 270-degree awning could be the perfect match for your hybrid caravan, offering a multitude of benefits like convenience, functionality, and the big one of extra space and protection.

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FAQs about 270-Degree Awnings for Hybrid Caravans

Sizes typically range from 3.6 metres to 4.2 metres.

Canvas awnings offer a classic look and good breathability, but can be heavier and require more maintenance. Synthetic awnings are generally lighter, easier to clean, and dry faster. Consider your priorities – weight, durability, and aesthetics – when making your choice.

Many 270-degree awnings are designed for quick and easy deployment, often with crank mechanisms or easy-grip poles. Look for features like self-standing legs and pre-attached guy ropes for a smooth setup experience.

Walls: Zip-on walls for privacy and wind protection.

Mosquito mesh: Keeps pesky insects at bay.

Awning bag: Protects your awning during travel.

Adjustable legs: Levels the awning on uneven terrain.

UV protection rating: Look for a UPF 50+ rating for maximum sun protection.

Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning and storage recommendations. Generally, awnings should be cleaned with mild soap and water and allowed to dry completely before packing away.

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