Meet our Favourite Australian and International RV Social Influencers

There must be an exhilaration about selling everything up and heading off into the sunset. This blog is about social media influencers that have not only done that, but have documented it through video content and built big audiences (and an income) along the way. Post pandemic, attitudes have changed and coupled with the challenges of housing affordability a nomadic lifestyle is now the big dream for many. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite Australian and internal social influencers.

The rise of digital nomadism has given birth to a unique community of content creators who have traded conventional homes for life on the road in caravans, motorhomes and even vehicles.

These adventurous souls document their journeys on platforms like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, sharing insights into their travels, the beauty of living minimally, and the challenges they face. And of course the scenery, and the food!! 

Note: Keep an eye out on the production values of some of these channels – they really have replaced television shows in some ways, even to the point of ‘airing’ on a weekly basis on YouTube at the same time, just like our tv shows in the old days! Make sure to let us know who your favourites are! If you keep an eye out you will also note that some of the influencers are starting to cross over into mainstream media as well.

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International Channels

Eamon & Bec

YouTube Numbers: 1.26m subscribers / 389 videos / most watched video 6m / 178,243,563 total views

Eamon & Bec are a Canadian couple who have been living and travelling in their self-converted Sprinter van for several years. Their YouTube channel is a mix of travel vlogs, van life tips, personal challenges and sustainability discussions. They make money through YouTube ad revenue, sponsorships, and their own chai tea blend business, which they promote on their channel. Their stories often revolve around the freedom and simplicity of van life, as well as the importance of environmental consciousness.

Max & Lee 

YouTube Numbers: 492k subscribers / 105 videos / most watched video 17m / 56,146,217 total views

Max & Lee were a couple who travelled the Americas in their van, sharing their adventures and the realities of van life. After living an extraordinary life and having a brave battle with depression, Lee passed on March 26, 2021.  Lee’s videos remain to celebrate all that she is: smart, kind, driven, adventurous, full of light & love. Lee’s family has partnered with several Mental Health charities in her honour to continue Lee’s voice.

Their channel remains popular for those seeking inspiration for life on the road.  Their videos often highlighted the beauty of nature and the importance of living in the moment.

Kombi Life 

YouTube numbers: 527k subscribers / 418 videos / most watched video 11m / 62,361,057 total views

Kombi Life is a channel run by Ben Jamin, who travels the world in his classic VW Kombi van. His content includes travel documentaries, van life hacks, and stories from the road.  Ben’s videos showcase the adventure and challenges of travelling in a vintage vehicle, along with the unique connections he makes with people along the way. If you are a kombi-lover this is the channel for you!! 

The Indie Projects 

354k subscribers / 611 videos / most watched video 3.4m / 71,818,645 total views

Theo and Bee, a British couple, share their experiences living and travelling in a converted van, sailboat and a variety of home projects. Their channel, The Indie Projects, covers topics like off-grid living, travel, and DIY van conversions.  Their videos are a testament to the freedom and creativity that come with choosing an alternative lifestyle.

Tiny Home Tours 

1.37m subscribers / 1398 videos / most watched video 20m / 390,615,952 total views

We just had to include Tiny Home Tours on our list even though it is a different format and technically not aligned with our content, but with each episode featuring a guest, their tiny home and discussions about their lifestyle it is sure to be of interest!

Tiny Home Tours are passionate about all things tiny living. You’ll find tiny homes, school bus conversions, camper vans, ambulance and box truck conversions, RVs, shipping containers, and more.

The channel showcases how people make this life work, whether that’s through multiple streams of income, remote work, seasonal work, or plain old ingenuity and creativity.

Tiny home tours is TV show style format that explores people’s tiny living options. 

Australian Channels

Jinti Fell 

448k subscribers / 162 videos / most watched video 8.9m / 49,733,155 total views

Jinti Fell, along with her partner and daughter, documents their life in a caravan as they travel across Australia. Their content focuses on minimalism, mindfulness, and family life on the road. Jinti’s videos offer a glimpse into the joys and challenges of raising a child while embracing a nomadic lifestyle.

Trip in a van

185k subscribers / 351 videos / most watched video 1.2m / 39,410,273 total views

Justin and Bec’s channel showcases great destinations across Australia, travel tips, all things 4×4 and caravans and tech info to get you out there & have a crack yourself.

The Feel Good Family 

35k subscribers / 346 videos / most watched video 112k / 4,003,273 total views

Katie, Paul and Jasper (the feel good family) have been travelling full time around Australia for 4 years in a caravan and Toyota Landcruiser 79 series. 

They show you incredible destinations, true Aussie characters & once in a lifetime experiences, plus everything you need to know about an RV lifestyle including tips, travel recommendations, gear, maintenance, 4×4 action, off grid essentials, travelling with children & how to stay safe on the road. The Feel Good Family offer plenty of tips and advice and are great to watch if you are considering your big trip around Australia. 

Aussie Destinations Unknown

29k subscribers / 567 videos / most watched video 121k

In October of 2020, Chris and Miriam packed up their house, sold everything that didn’t fit into their caravan and said goodbye to what has been our ‘normal life’ for years. It wasn’t a decision made lightly, and it was a decision sped up by the pandemic that swept across the globe, upsetting lives everywhere.

These social media influencers offer a fascinating peek into a lifestyle that prioritises freedom, simplicity, and adventure. Each of their stories inspire many to explore alternative ways of living and to consider the beauty of life on the road. 

Chris and Miriam’s content is based around their caravan, tow vehicle and the amazing destinations that they have visited. This is another informative channel if you are considering doing something similar and taking the plunge.

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