Caravan Insurance Repairs

Approved Repairer for All Types of Caravan Insurance Repairs

AllBrand Caravan Services Insurance Repair Process Is Easy:

Obtain Claim Number From Insurance

If you have been involved in an accident, the first step is to let your caravan insurance company know right away so you can be assigned a claim number.

Book in at AllBrand Caravan Services

Your next point of call is to phone AllBrand Caravan Services and book in for an assessment,

AllBrand Picks Up Damaged Van

Our team will pick up your damaged caravan and do a full assessment of the damage (including photos) before sending the quote to your insurance company.

AllBrand Delivers Repaired Van

We will deliver your caravan back to you so you can plan your next adventure and get back on the road quickly.

Approved Caravan Insurance Repairer Making it easy - when you need it most!

It sounds like a convenient option for customers to save time and money by taking care of both repairs and desired upgrades at the same time.

It’s great to hear that AllBrand has a reputable workshop, and that many caravan insurance companies work with you as a preferred repairer. This partnership ensures a smoother process for customers who need to file insurance claims. By providing the claim number, customers can rely on your team to handle the rest of the repair process.

Having a one-stop shop for repairs and additional work can be beneficial, as it allows customers to maximise their downtime and transform their caravan with desired upgrades. Whether it’s installing new speakers, an air conditioner, a television, or any other modifications, customers can enjoy a complete makeover while their caravan is being repaired.

Overall, it seems like AllBrand offers a convenient and comprehensive service for caravan repairs, working closely with insurance companies to streamline the process for customers.

Approved Caravan Insurance Repairer
Making it easy – when you need it most

There is nothing more frustrating than having your journey cut short. Don’t let an accident ruin your holiday! AllBrand works with all major caravan insurance companies. AllBrand Caravan Services also specialises in getting the job done and getting you back out onto the open road as quickly as possible. Some people worry about making a claim or bringing their caravan or camper trailer in for repair. Don’t worry; our team has seen it all. From broken caravan awnings to owners who have reversed into poles or hail damage – the list is endless. While determining what is and isn’t covered is up to your caravan insurance, it’s helpful to keep a record of all maintenance and modifications that you have made to your caravan.

AllBrand can also assist with this if you repair or service your caravan with us.

caravan insurance repairs

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