5 Places for Caravanning in Queensland (Winter Edition)

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Winter Caravanning in QLD has come!

There are places in Queensland waiting to be explored, even during winter. You read that right. The days when families and friends would only come out of their shells during the summer are gone. Nature has so much to offer during the winter, more than you can imagine. It is the time when you will experience the warmth of its cold embrace. Take this as a chance to listen to the stories the wind whispers into your ears. It is the time when we get in touch with nature and experience its beauty in another phase. Here are 5 Places for Winter Caravanning in QLD: 

1. Bribie Island Caravan Park

If you are into beach recreational activities, Bribie Island Caravan Park is a paradise. It is nearby Woorim beach where you can enjoy surfing safely. You can also enjoy boating, fishing, or even driving to take advantage of the chance to see the beauty of the coastline. There are different kinds of accommodations that will match your needs. There is a playground, basketball court, tennis court, cricket court, and a mini-golf course for big groups and families who want to maximize the opportunity to have fun. A games room and a swimming pool are also available for people who enjoy the indoor chill. 

2. Lake Somerset Holiday Park

Who does not love free camping and caravan sites? This cost-friendly destination is only one and a half hours from Brisbane, and nearby one of the most popular camping and freshwater fishing destinations in Australia! It is the closest to the “Pack-and-Go” kind of travel you can get. You will just need to pick your spot, and that’s it! You successfully marked your territory.

There are plenty of accommodations to choose from if you decide not to sleep inside your tent. You can spend your day fishing, boating, wakeboarding, jet skiing, and many more. You surely won’t run out of water activities. The night can be cozy too, around a campfire while toasting marshmallows or drinking an ice-cold beer. This place is a perfect definition of quality time.

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3. Tambourine Mountain Caravan and Camping Park

It is like being a part of nature in Tambourine Mountain Caravan and Camping Park. You will be camping on the grounds with the old trees of Tambourine Mountain Northern Valley. The opportunities to take beautiful photos are endless. Just a few steps away, you can relax on the sparkling swimming holes and release all your stress away. You also can visit Thunderbird Park and Adventure Park for more recreational activities. At night, the outdoors can still be a place of fun despite the cold weather since campfires are allowed to many designated sites.

4. Big 4 Tweed Billabong Holiday Park

You cannot go wrong with Big 4 Tweed Billabong Holiday Park when it comes to choosing a family destination. This award-winning haven is truly Australia’s pride. The large swimming pool is one of its most attractive features. It includes water slides for those who seek water thrill, and there are also safe places for the young ones to have fun in the water. You can choose to stay in your cabin, but the accommodations are tempting. The simplicity of the white cabins will straight away relax your senses. You will feel like there is a magnet in there pulling you to lay down on the bed and ease your mind. There are plenty more types of places where you can stay to suit your preferences and needs. This place is just meters away from the border of Queensland on New South Wales.

5. Charlie Moreland Camping

Make sure you bring your camera and make sure you are fully loaded with batteries and memory. This place will keep you busy taking beautiful photos of the native pine plantations surrounding you. The open forest brings you back to getting in touch with nature. Parking your caravan is not an issue since you can just pick a place anywhere in the grass field. It is in the Imbil State Forest at Kenilworth and is only 2 hours drive from Brisbane. Do not be surprised if you find no mobile coverage. Charlie Moreland Camping will detach you from the busy lifestyle and attach you back to the beauty of simple living. Swimming and kayaking in Little Yabba Creek is a great idea but even just as simple as bushwalking can already bring your calmness and joy.

Winter Caravanning does sound a lot of fun, doesn’t it? Wherever you go and whatever you do, being with the people you love and people who make you happy, is still the best place where you can be! Contact us to know more information for winter caravanning in QLD.

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