Raising Your Van

Raising Your Van

Finally, put an end to the horrible grinding noises from the rear jacks, level rides, ball mount, step and rear roor of your van! Modern caravans seem to be built lower and lower to the ground. They look nice and streamlined but is this really practical?

  • Improved clearance under your rear jacks. Stop them scraping.
  • Less gouging of level ride bars in driveways etc.
  • Increased chassis strength.
  • Easier to get the wheels off to change a tyre.
  • Opportunity for off bitumen travelling.
  • No loss of tow ability or noticeable change to fuel consumption.

This is accomplished by cutting the front and rear spring-mount fittings off the chassis, and attaching a 50mm, 75mm or 100mm long steel beam and refitting the springs we will lift the van by exactly the thickness of the beam. We recommend lifting by 50mm or 75mm in most cases. This gives effective clearance without altering the appearance of your caravan. 100mm usually exposes the top of the tyres in the wheel arch and this can look a bit “odd”.

There’s a few things to keep in mind when we raise a van. These are just some of the things to consider:

  • Stepping up higher into the caravan can be physically difficult for some customers.
  • Raising more than 50mm can create a problem if you have annexe walls. The draft strip and side wall flap may not reach the ground.
  • Lifting the van 100mm could make it difficult for the wind down corner steadies to reach the ground.
  • The towball height on the car needs to be adjusted up by the amount we lift the van. This is necessary to ensure the van travels level on the road. In cases where a Hayman Reese Weight Distributing Hitch is used this is a simple job done by Hardings when you pick up.
  • And the old “Someone lowered the carport roof” trick! Just because there is 50 or 75mm clearance above the roof when the van is parked doesn’t mean the same clearance when you are backing it in. Dipping driveways and variable paving can bring you unstuck. Best pin some 50 or 75mm card board onto the lowest point of the roof beam and watch as the van comes in and out.
  • Is there already a high centre of gravity which may be further effected by raising?

AllBrand Caravan Services have become experts at raising caravans to achieve more sensible ground clearance on all types of vans.

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