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Absorption or 3-way caravan fridges are a popular type of refrigerator used in caravans, motorhomes, and other recreational vehicles. They are called “3-way” because they can be powered by three different energy sources: 12-volt DC battery power, 240-volt AC mains power, and propane gas.

Absorption fridges work by using heat to drive the cooling process, rather than using a compressor like a traditional fridge.

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12V/240V caravan fridges are a type of fridge designed specifically for use in caravans, motorhomes, and other recreational vehicles. These fridges are also known as compressor fridges, as they use a compressor to cool the air inside the fridge, similar to a traditional household fridge.

12V/240V fridges can be powered by two main sources: 12V DC battery power and 240V AC mains power. When the vehicle is running, the fridge can be powered by the vehicle’s battery, and when parked, it can be powered by a mains power connection.

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There are a variety of caravan fridge accessories available on the market that can enhance the functionality and convenience of your fridge. Some common examples include:

  1. Fridge Thermometer: A thermometer that can be placed inside the fridge to monitor the temperature and ensure that it is at the desired level.
  2. Fridge Fan: A fan that can be placed inside the fridge to improve air circulation and ensure that the air is evenly cooled.
  3. Fridge Slide: A slide that can be installed in the caravan to make it easier to access the fridge, particularly if it is located in a tight space.

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