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You Have Two Options When It Comes to Charging Circuits in Your Rig

An Anderson Plug is an integral part of a specialised charge circuit – the socket on the end of the leads. It essentially allows the passage of charge from the vehicle’s battery to pass through to an in-board one in the caravan. In effect they are exactly the same as the dual battery system you’ll find fitted to many 4WD vehicles, and whilst they are in fact properly Charge Circuits, they have come to be known by the more common name, Anderson Plug Circuits.


Anderson Plug

This circuit is incredibly simple. Generally it will have a pair of large-gauge wires, often around 6 B&S (around 13mm OD).


12-Pin Plug

This option is more appropriate where only one socket is available or where caravanners are looking to minimise work.

Your Caravan’s Battery System

Often, you will have a choice between having a separate plug for your system, or a fully self-contained arrangement (12-pin plug). A drawback of the 12-pin arrangement is that it only has the capacity for medium-gauge wiring, whereas the Anderson system can accept much thicker gauge wires. This in effect means you’ll be able to pass more charge through to the caravan’s battery system.

More on Caravan Charging Circuits

Anderson Plug

The Anderson Plug consists of two main components: a housing and a set of terminals. The housing is typically made of durable plastic and features a male and female end, allowing for easy connection and disconnection. The terminals inside the housing are designed to accommodate thick gauge wires and can handle high current loads without overheating.

12-Pin Plug

A 12-pin plug, also known as a 12-pin trailer plug or connector, is a standardized electrical connector commonly used for towing trailers, caravans, and other recreational vehicles. It is designed to provide a secure and reliable connection between the towing vehicle and the trailer, enabling the transfer of electrical signals and power between the two.

anderson plugs

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Differences Between Anderson Plug and 12-Pin Socket Systems

Requirements 12-Pin Plug 6mm Wire on Anderson Plug 13mm Wire on Anderson Plug
Some charge to the battery but need simplicity on hookup Best Option
Want to maximise charge to caravan battery Best Option
Caravan already has Anderson Plug Best Option if 6mm Wire Best Option if 12mm Wire
Caravan already has 12-pin plug Best Option

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