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Experience the Ease of the Advanced Caravan Camera

With the navigational Hema system installed you can choose to activate the caravan camera with a separate switch so you don’t need to press the Nav button twice to get the caravan camera up. This system is designed so that it can be used without the need of mounting any extra switches.

Reversing Your Caravan Has Never Been This Easy

Let’s say you’re performing a tricky reverse maneuver which is going to require you to go in and out of reverse several times.

For each time you go in and out of reverse, you’re going to have to repeat this process so it could be really annoying. So it’s for this reason that we developed a premium system which includes video sensing technology. So as soon as the caravan is hitched up to the vehicle and our system sensors that there was a caravan camera picture coming through it will automatically display that picture when in reverse. Then as soon as you unhitch the van and there’s no longer a camera signal coming through from the caravan, the system will automatically revert back to the factory reverse camera.

So, in summary, if your main requirement for the caravan camera is to be able to use your factory display as a rear view monitor while you’re driving forwards. Then our standard system will work perfectly. But if you want the convenience of seeing the caravan camera when reversing without having to activate the camera each time you go to reverse, then the premium system is the best option.

How the Advanced Caravan Camera Works

When we install the standard system you simply long press the navigation button to activate the camera picture. The first press takes you to the navigation, then we can long press it again and now you can see the image from your caravan camera on the screen.

The audio continues to work as normal and there’s no impact on any of the factory features. You can use the phone audio home or no button to return to the desired factory feature of the system. However if you want to see the caravan camera when in Reverse you can see that it goes back to the factory reverse camera by default and the caravan camera images are no longer visible.

Now in order to bring up the caravan camera picture you have to short press the Nav, which takes you back to the factory Nav screen. Then you have to long press the navigation button again to display the caravan camera. And if you have the optional navigation system, you will have to press it twice. However, if you decide to have the navigational Hema system installed, you can also choose to activate the caravan camera with a separate switch so you don’t need to press the Nav button twice to get the caravan camera up. But because there are very few places in these new vehicles to mount switches. The system has been designed so that it can be used without the need of mounting any extra switches.

See the Advanced Caravan Camera in Action

It’s all so popular now for caravans to have a dual camera on the back. So one of the cameras has a wider angle and is angled down to the ground for better reversing vision and the other camera projects straight out so while you’re driving forwards and you can use that as a rear view camera. The premium system will allow you to see the right camera at the right time. So when you engage reverse you’ll see the camera that’s best for reversing, then if you’re driving and you long press a button you’ll see the best camera for rear vision.

If you’ve already had our standard system installed in your VX, you can easily upgrade to the premium system for about $300 plus installation. So hopefully this will help you understand the system how it works and also the difference between our standard and premium systems. Give us a call if you have any further questions and we can give you the best option for your personal touring needs. And if you don’t own a 200 series, we also have solutions for most popular towing vehicles. So give us a call at (07) 3869 2969. We are happy to help.

Introducing the New Premium Navigation System with Hema

Toyota Sahara/VX Premium Navigation System with Hema

Many vehicles are now coming standard with factory navigation, but unfortunately some key features that drivers are used to are not supported. For example, safety cameras, speed alerts, school zones, GPS speed and much more. Navigation updates can also be very expensive. So rather than investing in updates, it can be more beneficial long term to add a more up to date and better featured aftermarket navigation system instead.

The Sahara & VX LC200 Landcruiser have a beautiful high resolution 9 inch display and our Advanced ICE Integrated Navigation system adds full iGO primo NextGen Navigation and Hema 4WD Nav with their complete collection of digital maps into the factory screen. A simple long press of the “Nav Button” will allow complete control of the iGO Street mapping and Hema Maps directly through the existing touch screen in the vehicle.You can also add up to two Caravan Cameras and/or a Front Camera, using the systems additional video inputs. For a more streamlined use of your Caravan Camera(s), upgrade to the Premium Caravan Camera system.

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